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Remote Two is now live on Kickstarter!

Remote Two is now live on Kickstarter! We worked really hard even to get to this point. Now we just need your help to make it happen! :slightly_smiling_face: We have a special 339€ for launch day!

We’ll have livestreams in the coming weeks where we’ll be talking about the remote and answer your questions!

Thank you guys for the support! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great to see… What’s happening after the Kickstarter Campaign? Will the remote still buyable after the campaign ends? Do you have any plans on that?

Now I have more than 9 months of anticipation, great! :smiley:

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Backed too !
Marton, one question, I have taken an IR extender with the remote. So I will have 2 extender ? One include and the other one backed ?
Hope to have some news about the remote soon !!
Good job.

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+1 (with extra hub).

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Thank you! Yes, we plan on selling Remote Two after we have shipped the remotes to the Kickstarter backers.

Thanks for your support!
If you’ve added an extra IR extender as add-on, you’ll get two :slight_smile:

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How good to see you went live! Was really looking forward to it.
I think I missed it somewhere, but why the decision to only support WIFI 2.4GHz? And not the 5GHz band? 2.4GHz is very unstable in dense urban area’s with a lot of wifi networks (I count 123 in my direct vicinity)

Thanks @Rob!
Multiple things: mainly cost. But also we’re not gonna be sending huge chunk of data, so 2.4GHz is plenty fast and provides better range.

Congrats, @marton : twice the target already on launch day, for something significantly more expensive than a USB drive. That tells you how much the world has been waiting for your Remote 2! (And yes, one of these is reserved for me, please!)

Hello… Do you need help for the Translation?

At the Moment, sadly i cannot support you guys, I REALLY hope that you can sell the remote after the campaign ends.

Does the remote have a USB-C port itself, so you can charge it separately from the dock?


Not at the moment, but further down the line we might do :slight_smile: Thanks! We’re planning to sell the remote after Kickstarter.


No, the remote doesn’t have a USB-C port.

We’re doing a livestream tomorrow 20.00 CEST Remote Two - Kickstarter livestream #1 - YouTube
We’ll be showing of course Remote Two, talking about features and answering questions :movie_camera:


Hi, love the remote and will be a buyer when it is completed, in reference to the home automation I have been a user of the ISY hub by (Universal Devices) for a long time and just wondering if you have looked at them for integration with your remote.

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I had this project on my wishlist, but due to so much stuff going on I had lost sight of it for a while…
The Kickstarter was very short, will there be another possibility to sign up for this project?

Thanks! To be honest, I didn’t know about ISY hub until now :slight_smile: We don’t have it on our “launch list”, but as we provide an open API, maybe someone will pick it up and develop an integration for it.

Yes, after we have shipped to all backers, Remote Two will be available in our webshop.

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