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Roon Integration

Has anyone managed to integrate and use the remote to control Roon server?
If so, would anyone be kind to post a step by step guide for inexperienced user?
Thank you in advance.

Hmm, I guess not!!
Well I hope this promised integration will be available some day. It is the reason along the infra-red for which I invested in this project.
I will wait :slight_smile:

Ask around here:

The roon integration was not developed by “the core team”, so I cannot say where it is at the moment and how to set it up.

Ok Thank you Marton.
Is their is a plan to integrate this functionality into the system at any time in the future?

I have a working ROON integration since nearly a year. The reasons that it is not part of standard “YIO-Remote” are :

  • ROON users typically play locally stored music. Hierarchical browsing is required to play it comfortably. Currently there is no UI for hierarchical browsing in the “standard”. Adding “my” hierarchical browsing UI in the meanwhile was rejected. Also the ROON specific play modes are currently not supported.

  • To get an advantage of using YIO compared to ROON smartphone app it is required to support the hardware buttons. This support is still missing in the “standard”.

  • ROON implementation is quite complex. I have added a Logging extension to facilitate testing. This extension has been removed without need.

I will finish ROON integration into “standard” YIO-remote when “standard” features catch up. Watching the YIO development progress, I think it will not happen this year.