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Screensaver when charging

Default screen should be off when charging.
But I would like to have an option of enabling a clock on the screen of the remote, something simple like a black screen with white digital time and date. Later, optional screensavers like photos or logos.
Also I would to have the option of triggering the screen on from an automation hub. Eg screen can turn on and display a camera snapshot when your video doorbell is pressed or camera detects motion. It could allow other simple interactive screens to be triggered for scenarios like when your doorbell is pushed do you want to unlock the door, or turn on the floodlights.

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I like the screensaver idea. The doorbell functionality is i.m.o. a different feature request. Which I also like btw.

@marton sounds like you need to add a little speaker and mic to the hardware to communicate with people at the doorbell :smiley: hehe

Some of these are already implemented in the existing version, but will look at the clock and image screensaver idea.

Notifications from doorbell and cameras are not too hard to implement.


actually microphone would be handy for voice control additions either via Alexa or Google. Again i think this a future generation remote implementation, but maybe an option. Or maybe in the future 2 versions. Low cost non microphone version and insanely priced voice control version :wink:

Haha :wink:

I thought about adding a microphone and speaker combo, but there were not enough GPIOs left to do it. Maybe in a future version, yes :slight_smile:

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I would skip microphones; because (a) doing speech recognition is a whole different ballgame, difficult to implement and extends the code base considerably and (b) people can buy a google home or alexa for this; we just need to ensure we can interface.

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