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Security network


The dock must be connected to the WiFi.
Is there any security to prevent “easy” hacking ? (You know that it’s easy to connect an Raspberry)


would like to throw in an idea I just think out loud. My home network has no wifi everything is connected via cable. Would it be possible that the dock gets a lan port. And that remote control and dock communicate via bluetooth?

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@andy In theory possible but I suspect unlikely at this point in time.
I’ll split this into multiple parts:

  1. Adding ethernet to the dock: That should be possible (it is said the dock is based on an ESP32 which can support fast ethernet). The question is how many IO lines and functions are in use already, e.g. I not that it was said that the dock can’t support RS232 but the ESP can drive an RS232 port in theory too.
  2. The remote and dock use bluetooth to coomunicate: While possible in theory (I don’t know what the remote is based on) it will likely be a lot of work are even impossible. The reason is that the remote is the “brain” and therefore needs to speak IP to the network for a lot of its functionality. To achieve this the remote would need to tether to the dock via bluetooth and you would still remove some functionality (e.g. when getting out of reach of the dock the remote will be useless compared to wifi – see the discussion there Future of YIO software - #19 by marton )
    The alternative would be to have the dock spawning an wifi ap and bridging the lan but that likely defeats the objective of your question, not using any wifi.

Based on time and priorities and that the “core” is closed source currently there might be a chance for the dock to have ethernet (maybe with PoE) but I doubt that the remote relaying via the dock will get implemented any time soon (ever?).

thanks for the good explanation.
Rightly the intention of the question was whether the remote and the dock can communicate directly without additional devices (like for wifi).
Have a small home theater with 6 devices which are controlled by ir signals (old Logitech 1100 + RF-IR Extender).

The alternative is a great idea that the dock itself is a WLAN AP and bridging to the lan.
Instead of buying a separate WLAN AP so that the remote and dock can communicate, it would be more elegant if the dock could do it itself.
That could be on the wish list like the cheaper charging-only dock, a more expensive dock + wifi AP and ethernet port. (Maybe for a YIO Remote Three)

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Good idea to put the dock as AP !