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Sneak peek at Remote Two

More info about this will follow later :eyes:


This is looking really cool! I’ll be patiently waiting for more information. If I may ask please include what will happen to the existing remotes when “Remove Two” is released.

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Thanks @jadlers! Software will work with both remotes.


Wo, looking great, need to DIY or have any pre-assemble units?

The goal is to have everything assembled.

Please OLED … I would buy it instantly

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Remote Two definitely has a backlit keypad :slight_smile:

Great, and my second wish for the next version is QI charging.

I can’t make all dreams come true unfortunately :frowning:

Could you give some information what you expect to improve in Remote Two?

I will upload more information to the website in the coming weeks, but until then a few things: button press feel, battery life, display quality and general build quality.

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Sounds great! Any chance to get battery life to the order of magnitude of days rather than hours? This was one of the main considerations for me to take a pass on the first iteration.

Thanks! The preliminary tests were quite positive, but I would not like to state any numbers regarding battery life until we have tested it thoroughly.

Tell me if you need some help with the electronics. I’m a hardware developer.
I also though last year about extending the battery life of the remote, but had no time to develop it further.

(As you may know from my OpenHab implementation, I’m not good with software, but much better with hatdware)

Today’s teaser shows the beauty of the new dock :heart_eyes:

Hi Marton,

Great to see the future vision for the remote!
I have been looking into your project for the last few weeks as I was looking for a solution to create a wall switch which wasn’t completely ugly and had a bit more functionality. The YIO would be a great solution for the display here.

The image here shows some different configurations depending on the rooms.
I saw you were using the pi zero W for the project, but here I was thinking about a pi 1 B+ as it has wired ethernet so I can do POE everywhere, as there will be a lot of steel in-between the spaces.

In my case I’d like to work with some rotary dials and a few push buttons to have quick physical access to dim different lighting groups, and a few scenes.

Just to let you know that there might be a great potential for a nice wallpanel in the future as you’ve done so much work already… so it might be a good opportunity to include this thought as well, as this could broaden the group of users.
This vertical modular design is the one I’ll be going for in my renovation project

I’m not an experienced coder, but if I can help in the design, ui, or visualisations please let me know!
Looking forward to see more of the YIO second generation!


Hi Pieter,

Thanks! Your wall switch looks quite good and interesting. I haven’t seen anything like this in this form factor, but it is attractive for sure! Would love to see a few images of it when you’re done with the renovation! :slight_smile:

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Please make it real… Harmony announced that they discontinued their universal Remotes… No new products etc…

That’s the plan, to make it happen :slight_smile:

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Did you plan new features for the yio-Remote 2? Or just an small improvement with better build quality…?