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Sneak peek at Remote Two

Okay thanks, notify me if you need somebody to test prototypes. I would like to support the project, version two sound really great. Have a great week!

Thanks! Will do. You too have a great week! :slight_smile:

The sneak peeks look very promising and beautiful, especially in the wake of the Logitech news about the Harmony remotes …

Are you looking into ioBroker integration?

Very excited to get my hands on one of the units, would also like to help testing prototypes and maybe more, since I’m a programmer.
My living room has lots of smart home components controlled via ioBroker and KNX, e.g. Lights, RGBW leds, Blinds, Yamaha AVR, Hyperion Ambilight …

Thank you! :slight_smile:

We have ioBroker on our radar, but we haven’t made a timeline yet for in what order we’d roll out the integrations. However there will be an open API available, so anyone can add their own integration.

Are you currently working on the software or is the version published on GitHub the latest version?

I saw the new Pictures on the Website… OMG… Looks so nice… Great Job.

We are working on a completely new version: https://community.yio-remote.com/t/future-of-yio-software

Thanks! There will be more images and information on the website soon, also ones where you can see Remote Two in its full beauty :slight_smile:

I’m so excited to see this new remote and enthusiasm regarding the new software. I have not yet assembled my first one, but i hope this new ‘Remote Two’ together with Harmony’s end-of-life will bring many new customers to YIO. This will ensure future development and features, and ensure a more user friendly setup. I’m sure YIO can catch many Harmony users that starts looking for something new if they get the software finished in time…

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Great project :heart_eyes:

As many others some research after the Logitech announcement brought me here.
I guess the OpenSource and community aspact is still valid for version two? I can imaging to contribute at least to the software parts in the future :slightly_smiling_face:
So the sources of the new version will be published on GitHub when the time comes?

Thanks! :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum.

We are reworking the software from the ground up and it will have an open API so you will be able to extend the functionality of the remote with your own integrations.

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Fore sure! Look around in www, there are not much alternatives to Harmonys until now.

I myself have therefore also landed here and am pleased that the development is progressing.
I am very impressed by the yio-remote and already excited about what the future will bring!
Good luck with your project… :smiley:

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Will yio 2 has IR learning? That’s a feature for replacing some old IR remote.

Yes, IR learning & blasting is built into the dock.

What’s about Bluetooth and the voice button?

Remote Two has Bluetooth and a microphone and will be looking into using that for integrations and other cool things.

The teaser website is updated with more information and things to look at:


I don’t like this But: Shut up and take my money… It looks so clean, well Done!

I have an Beamer with an Bluetooth Remote I Hope I can replace the remote… It sucks to use multiple remotes. I think it’s okay if the Software is Not 100% finished. The overall experience will be much better as an harmony…

Could you assume how much the remote will cost?
(It’s hard to say because COVID-19 make it much harder to get the components…)

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Working on the cost, but you’re right, the pandemic makes everything a bit more complicated.

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Any new updates? Did you still use an raspberry Pi in the Yio-2 Remote?

No, it’s not a Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:

We are working on a blog section for the website, where we plan to post regularly about what we’re working on, so anyone can follow the process who’s interested.


Ah, sounds interesting… I mean the second version with the new software is a big improvement… Nice That it still runs on the old one.

I’ve got an new idea: You should add an voluntary fee to support the development of the Software. If you ask me after some time (in the display of the remote) whether I would like to spend some money like 10$ Or 20$ / Year to support the development… I would pay it.

Please hurry up, this thing looks so nice…

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We’re working really hard to make this happen :slight_smile:

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