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Software features update log

This is a placeholder topic to post about added features to the software. I’ll do my best to post all stuff that we add to the YIO Remote app.

Let’s call this first version 0.1 alpha. It has the following features:


  • Home Assistant
  • OpenHab (auth ok, rest is still under development)


  • Light: turn on/off, dim, change color
  • Blind: open/close, set position, stop
  • Mini music player: pops up when any of the media players playing. Shows album art, artist, track and source. Can play/pause, previous/next and adjust volume


  • battery state of charge update
  • low battery warning
  • automatic shutdown when voltage drops to minimum system requirements
  • battery health
  • battery level and power consumption graph
  • screen on and off time statistics
  • avoid charging/discharging battery when sitting on the dock


  • automatic ambient light measurement and display brightness adjustment. Can be turned off.
  • dark mode/light mode
  • cleaning mode: turns off the display and touch so you can wipe the display off :slight_smile:

Software update

  • automatically checks for updates and notifies when update is available.
  • automatic update: if turned on the remote updates itself between 03:00 and 05:00

Power saving

  • display dims after 15 seconds
  • display goes to standby after 25 seconds
  • wifi can be turned off after specified amount of time
  • remote can be turned off after specified amount of time

Language selector


  • area detection: when rooms have assigned bluetooth beacons the remote automatically switches to the devices in that room


  • menu can be rearranged
  • notification system

Physical buttons

  • buttons adapt to current open device or panel: for example, if you have a light open the up and down arrows will dim the light. If you have media player playing the volume buttons will adjust the volume of the displayed player, etc.

Proximity sensor

  • the remote detects as you reach towards it and turns on the display


  • easy setup from start with your phone or computer via the remote’s wireless network

I hope I remembered all the stuff that is in the software so far :slight_smile:

Recently added features

Websocket API that mainly will be used by the dock and the web configurator. It runs on port 946 (YIO). Information sent in JSON format. There’s a basic authentication, where the client needs to send a token. If it’s successful, the API will send messages to those clients who are authenticated.

At first start the dock advertises its name via bluetooth and waiting for the remote to send the wifi credentials. After successful wifi connection the dock auto discovers the remote and connects to the API.

If the dock cannot connect to the wifi network, it defaults to the bluetooth mode after some time.

All the steps above represented by different LED blinking patterns, so you know what’s happening and also if there’s an error.

The dock also has OTA updates.

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Thanks to @Nklerk, we made some big steps forward this weekend.
Here’s what we have improved/added to the software.

We have rethinked and updated how the UI is built up from the configuration file. The new system supports user profiles and adds more flexibility towards customisation. Basically now we have three levels how you can organise your entities: pages, groups and entities.

We added a neat little feature, where you can add a background image to your pages. For example a photo of your living room :slight_smile:

And with this new config setup, the UI can be updated without needing to reboot the remote. New entities, pages, groups, etc. can be added runtime. This moves towards a more seamless user experience and sets the groundworks for the web config tool.

Because the UI was reworked, we also made it snappier :slight_smile: Not that the current version was lagging, but we could sneak in a little extra performance. So why not?

The Homey integration now supports basic media player entities.

And most importantly, we updated the github repo and organised the various integrations and parts of the projects, so it’s easier now to get an overview. Check out the new repo here!



Great news. Love hearing that yio supports the homey media entries. Great work Niels de Klerk. Good work guys, it’s looking really great now.
Can you show us the default page layout for basic av control? Eg TV or av receivers.

@AdrianLiteAutomation the default is not yet available for the TV or the AV receiver. This one still needs to be build, but @marton is on it. The first steps was to rebuild the above.


We are constantly working on small/bigger aspects of the project. Here’s a preview what we could do with the responsiveness of the UI:


Here’s another video:


This weekend was also busy. We have added profile support. You can fully customize the UI under your profile. Live update when switching, no reboot needed.

Also fixed some issues with multiple hub support for the same time. If you have two Homey or Home Assistant setup, you can use both simultaneously.