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Software to-dos

[ ] Finish first component (light)
[ ] Add cover(blind) component
[ ] Add heating component
[ ] Add media player component
[ ] Add mini-media player component
[ ] Update software update script to replace the whole remote directory instead of the remote app

[x] Change integration to support multiple integration at the same time
[x] Settings page
[x] Add to dashboard/favorite handling

Todos in GitHub:

Now the Yio remote software supports multiple hub integrations at the same time. The remote can connect to different hubs at the same time and control their devices.

The config.js file changed:
Integrations are defined in an array. Every integration has a type, that has to match up with the filename in integrations directory. The data part is specific to that integration.

Also every entity now has a new entry: integration. This is used by the component to send the commands to the right integration.

Hope it makes sense. Otherwise let me know :slight_smile:


Started working on the settings page today. It’s almost done. It has the following features so far:

  • auto brightness based on ambient light can be turned on and off
  • brightness slider
  • dark mode on/off
  • cleaning mode: this turns off the display so you can clean it with a cloth. If you hold your finger on the display for more than 10 seconds, it turns back on.
  • turn off wifi after inactivity
  • turn off remote after inactivity
  • battery measurements

Coming later today:

  • network info
  • system info
  • reboot and shutdown buttons
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Settings page is done so far. New settings options will be added later.