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Squeezebox integration

After the OpenHAB integration can now react to an event stream and does not have to poll for values, I have now a first approach for a Squeezebox / Logitech Media Server remote.

At the moment you can play, pause and so on and state changes are monitored. What is missing (but I’m now working on it) is the search and browsing functionality.

Where I’m not sure: how does it get integrated in the Yio repo? I now have it in my own repo here: https://github.com/mros123/integration.squeezebox

Best regards

That’s great @mr.os! :slight_smile:
I’ll create a repo and then you can create a pull request. Please make sure that all the files have squeezebox in them:

  • .pro
  • json.in
  • setup-schema.json
  • version.txt.in
  • .github/workflows/build.desktop.yml
    • .github/workflows/build.yml

I’ll call this squeezebox as the official name, so please use that :slight_smile:
When this is done, we also need to extend the supported integrations in the remote-software repo, so the app knows about this.