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Support for BT beacons

One possibility for the extra room in the dock is to add a BT beacon such as : https://shop.ruuvi.com/product/ruuvitag-3-pack/

This way, a user could carry their remote from room to room and have it automatically pull up the correct profile for that room.

A software example of using rPi with the above is: https://www.instructables.com/id/RuuviTag-and-PiZero-W-And-Blinkt/

Hi @HeinzS,

So if I understand correctly, these devices have motion sensors too and once they sense someone in the room AND there is a bluetooth connection with the remote, then the Yio Remote should show room specific information.

If this is how it works, then I wonder what happens if you go to the room next to it. The bluetooth connection would still be with the other sensor and motion sensors stay active for a few minutes after sensing motion in the room no? So just wondering how it should switch then.

Unless there is a better way of doing this. Or I have it all wrong… xD Please let us know your idea behind this :smiley:

Hi @Tosko,

These particular BT device have motion, temperature and a couple of other sensors.
But, the sensors just make this particular device a bit more interesting and are not really needed for a BT beacon.

What has to be done is that beacons are placed into each room that you want the device to change behavior and then do a signal strength comparison and, perhaps, time of flight to figure out which room you are in.

So, correct, to your point if you enter an adjacent room that does not have a beacon then the remote might not realize it is in a different room.

I should also note that the same effect can also be achieved if you have sufficient WiFi APs around you.
Take a look at the following code project https://pypi.org/project/rssi/

I was just thinking that the base is round…and the sensor package is round…
Also, I would believe that folks may end up with more remote bases than APs in their home.

Otherwise it could also work that you put a beacon in every room if you don’t have x number of docks/bases. And the remote could switch to that room based on beacons. I did Bluetooth rssi based room detection for another project. It’s going to be easy to integrate into this one.

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That interest me a lot, can you elaborate ?

Hey @bobzer,

so I did this thing, where I had an esp32 and these bluetooth tags:

I’ve put a bluetooth tag in every room (in the middle of it, kind of) and the esp was looking at their rssi and figuring out which is closest. The logic is super simple. And then I did actions based on which tag was closest, so basically which room the esp was in.

This can be easily implemented in the remote. You just assign a mac address to every room and then the software does the logic. It can show you the devices you have in that room when it senses that tag is close.

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sound like a good idea. I would just say buy a remote for each room to support Marton.
But this is also the best thing about Marton approach to this remote, open sourced. If you want to add this functionality, just write the software on github and add it to the remote yourself. I agree it would be a handy tool to have, eg you walk outside to your garden and your remote instantly switches to the Sonos page and you can control your speakers via the remote.
But lets not distract Marton from the main goal of getting the remote and software up and running well and working with as many different Hub/devices first.

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