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Test build not working

I didn’t see the Kickstarter V2 in time, so will have to wait.

But I have the V1 of the remote, and I tried to install Release v2.0.0-rc1 · YIO-Remote/remote-os · GitHub on it but it can’t seem to connect to the intergrations.

It boots though, and I can use the Web Configurator but when I add the home assistant integration location IP/port and bearer token from the dropdown box it works on the Web Configuration (visually adds it) but on the device it keeps having an error saying “Cannot connect to homeassistant”.

When I SSH into it I can ping the homeassistant instance, and the bearer token is correct and works as I tested it.

Is the 2.0 version not compatible with the V1 remotes? I thought it was compatible just the hardware features that were not supported in 1.0 were just not available in 1.0?

Hi @matt,

I have moved this post to a new topic, it’s not relevant in the Kickstarter announcement.

This is the first test release of the upcoming new major release v2.
It is intended for testers and developers to catch any show stoppers before a public release.

As you have probably seen in the release notes, this pre-release was a test and therefore not recommended for everyday use. It could have bugs and things might not work.

I’d recommend that you install the latest release, which you can find here: Release v1.1.0 · YIO-Remote/remote-os · GitHub

That being said, the new version of the software will be released for V1 remotes, when Remote Two is out there in the world.

Thanks @marton I downloaded that version and it works!

But it still has the same problem with the climate, for some reason it doesn’t work for controlling air conditioners, it displays the current temperature OK, but when clicking on it it switches to full screen view and shows 0 degrees C and the up and down buttons will change the value but there is no OK and when I close it nothing happens.

I was really hoping this was going to work with it with the new version. I’m mainly using it with Home Assistant at the moment.