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The YIO Remote - a small journey

Hello Folks,

find here a small journey / report about something that happened lately:

Chapter 1:
Who am I?

my name is Markus, i’m located in Frankfurt Germany and i’m 31 years old.
I’m happy to see you all around here. Some of you might even recognize me (or my Profile) from other Activities (e.g. NEEO) or somewhere else. I was pointed from @Nklerk to this Project back when it was a signle Topic on the Home Automation Forum, since the first days i spyed in there here and there and had low interest, as i had a (more or less) good working remote at home.
Then the 4th of February was there, i already had a trip to ISE2019 (Amsterdam) planned to visit the new booth of the Company (second visit) and “the biggest news to share since inception” was posted. I was absolutly shocked, didn’t know where my journey will end. But as some of you may also know, i had put much time into these Remote and also was a Beta Tester and reported many Issues, where on the community to help (nearly) each day.
On the Trade Show there was a hard landign as nowwhere a NEEO was available (only small paper prints on the Control4 booth).
It was not only me, that had a “good” talking about what can happen with the remote, but there never was anything. Since then silence, so it went more and more Important to find soemthing else.

As i don’t like the Logitech plastic remotes and the limitation their system provides (e.g. limit of controlable devices) i was sure not to go for them when i see something else and i remembered the project from @marton.
I then invested more time to his V2 of the remote he self has designed, created and currently is doing.

You may have noticed this in the Forum here, on the Social Media Platforms or over at Discord, if not, and you like to search in the Past, feel free to do so.

Chapter 2:
Behind the Scenes

A few weeks ago, @marton was asking me a Question: (Private Conversation at 03.07.2019)
“Would you be interested in playing around with it for a couple of days and then send it back? :grinning:

I was proud and also honored that he even considered this, so i had to say Yes.
Then he discovered a small issue with the loader IC and a first delay was happening, but i already know that this can allways happen. Didn’t thought about it for a while but was going deeper down the rabbit hole with him and support him and the Project whereever possible.

Then the 11th August happened and i was asked for my Shipping Address, i did overhand it to him and a few days later (16th August) there was a little package delivered to me.

In that package i found a lot of (and yes, a lot of :rofl: ) bubble wrap and inside i was able to recover a pre build version of the Dock and the Remote :heart_eyes:

Chapter 3:
The YIO remote

What should i say (not much words to find):

  • Outside finish is absolutly superb, there is no quality difference compared to the N**O
  • Inside finish is Open Source, simple and everybody can contribute
  • First Impression was absolutly amazing
  • Software GUI looks great, there are some tweaks that needs fine tuning, but i’m more then happy
  • setting everything up was already a easy way to do, when used with Home assistant, we currently work together to make it even more easier then it allready is.
  • i will try to make it available for Homey smart Home solution as well
  • will provide more details about the remote / Pictures when i find the time to do so (planned next week)
  • What @marton has brought to live here and how nice it works within just this couple of moments, can’t be a bad product. He even managed to get things working, that not even a other company managed to get working after endless bug bountys and reports

@marton I’m proud to be choosen and was able to held it in my hands and use it actually. There is still a path to go and hopefully i will be able to stay with you on this path and see the product evolve and spread out to all of the other people that would like to use such a remote, thank’s again for taking your private time, money and ideas and build such an great start.

I hope that there will be more and more people involved and the project will not end and brings out a superb Smart Home Solution for all different situations.

I will try to post more, answere all your questions or provide some more Pictures over at all different Social Media Locations soon.
On the Weekend i will not have much time to do so, but for the next week there is more to come!
Feel free to ask, point on me or whatever.



Remark: I didn’t pay for the remote, i will not be the owner of the remote, i was talking in private conversations with marton but there was no secret contract or anything that formed pressure towards him to send this one to me


You comments are very promising. Look forward to get an awesome product some day that is open source and works with home assistant. Keep up the good work!!


Great post m8! Looking forward in being more involved. Obviously also in making YIO and homey a success.


Thx for your post!
It‘s really a joke that the most promising system N**O came to such an end…
I‘m also not a harmony fan, although the system works quite well. But they did nothing since years…
I will follow this project and will help the community with my expertise as a senior developer if I can…



Thank you @Carp3-noctem for the kind words. I appreciate your and of course all the others’ help that contributed to the project so far!


You can allways jump in on different open ends currently, what did you do when developing?

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Full Stack on everything but Java and Smart Home on OpenHAB and Hue…


That’s great! :slight_smile: If you’re interested in contributing to the project, let us know. We have a lot of things going on at the moment that we could use some help with :slight_smile:


Very interested in this project. I have two N**o’s and two brains, and it will be a shame to see them die !

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If you do start an openHAB integration, let me know and I can help out (or atleast point you in the correct directions). Alot of the NEEO stuff I put together should be applicable as a head start. Note: I simply don’t have the time right now to do it myself…



@troberts Could you share your pointers here? I have installed openHAB and might be able to look at it later.


In it’s simpliest form - you can look at the REST api (https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/restdocs.html). Using REST - you’d be able to get it to work with openHAB directly without any openHAB changes (basically pushes everything onto the remote to do).

Personally - if I’d had the time and want to invest fully, I’d reimplement the NEEO addon/transport for YIO. You’d get full integration with everything that openHAB offers - however, the NEEO stuff is about 15k work of lines I believe. Alot of work - that’s why I mentioned before that it would almost be easier to fork your stuff and try for an html interface (than I get happanel and all the integration for ‘free’).

Do you have a simulator that can be used if I were to try something like that?

EDIT: i know there is the qt webview widget but I have no idea what kind of resources it takes and how slow it would be on a zero

EDIT2: just looked and there is a QtWebKit that could possibly be used - again, still not sure how it would perform on a zero however…

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@troberts Thanks! I already looked at the the REST api and began writing an integration based on that.

I’m not sure the html UI would give the desired performance. See @ChristianRiedl tested a chrome version.

We have a web configurator planned where you could drag and drop UI elements together. That could be a solution for this.

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I’ve taken a first Picture showing the first Setup Step:

(Picture was also pubilshed to twitter and Facebook, go give it a like!)


Follow up writing (due to missing time to take more Photos):

Hello together,
sadly i was not having enough time to take the wanted photos until now. So i thought it would be a good idea to provide you a follow up writing (at least) there are almost two weeks since receiving the remote.

Yesterday i posted the above Picture to have at least something for you, this is not yet all that I’ve planned, but all i had time for at the moment. That doesn’t mean, that there is nothing happened from my side (or from @marton).
In the last two weeks, i was able to play and fiddle around with the remote, there are quite some issues happened and found, also i discussed them with the main head (that is you @marton :wink: ) i was also able to help out here and there and fixed small issues myself. Diving into the code or the remote is quite hard, but marton is happy to help, guide or provide info’s about what happens.
So if you like to jump into the rabbit hole called YIO, you are happily welcome to do so.

The Wi-Fi Setup itself works actually happily good and had only small issues left, i think this is a huge step into the right direction. It makes it easy for everybody to setup the initial needed connectivity. As you may have seen over at github, i would have (someday) that the remote itself is able to control devices without having to rely on back-end smart home software / devices (e.g. Home Assistant, Homey), the User Setup and the ability to have websites available directly from within the remote is the first step to have such opportunity.
But it still required a lot more to-do and starting with the ability to use such devices / software that are able to control many different smart home techs already is actually the best we can use.

Maybe some of you remember when i once had written “the hardware can’t be changed by the users, but software is always able to do so”, that is still the fact i believe in.

To be honest, the news from this weekend (in case you missed it: the new Dock with IR sending / learning) is also a big step into the right direction, based on the newest available USB (type-C) standard, including IR learning, stowing and sending of codes without other hardware implemented is a happening just now, there is no delay as it was happening at other products i have had and also troubleshoot.
@marton is extreme fast, helpful and happy to have inputs from all sides and hears what you all like to see.

In the short two weeks i had my hands on the hardware, i’m still happy that i joined this journey. I will try to catch up and even help out more to get this product stable and into your hands. The basic steps are made now, the rest is coding and this is happening at an incredible speed here.

If you have questions, link to know from me, like to see something special, feel free to ask.

What i still have on my to-do list:

  • taking Pictures for you
  • creating some youtube videos
  • post regular to the yio social media channels
  • help develop the YIO software

what you can actually do to help?

  • whatever you like to help out
  • If you can code, feel free to jump on board, there are still thinks to do
  • If you spread the social media channels to interested people it would also help a lot

I can only confirm the fact that @marton is doing everything he can to make this a really really good product. When i joined the community, i had loads of ideas (things missing with NEEO) and to be honest the initial idea that @marton had was that the remote should help him, controlling his home automation, just like the prototypes have been doing for a few years already.

So i started bombarding him with my ideas, for example the possibility to have an IR blaster in the dock with extension capabilities so that it could be actually used for home automation. He opted for an ESP32 in the dock, but immediately said it would be done post launch since he finalised the schematics already.

We had a video conversation together and lots of private conversations regarding UI and technical discussions. I helped look at the code in the beginning fixed some bugs and promised to look at various other topics which unfortunately time and life stopped me from doing.

I am really happy to have the privilege to work with @marton, @Carp3-noctem and @Nklerk so that i know i will finally have something that could replace my NEEO (which, to be honest i have 2, since i am also a beta tester) but i still didn’t hook up to my home system since it was not mature enough.


Good to see you here as well!


I really appreciate the support from all of you guys! I hope we can create something even better together. It will definitely take some time, but at least the process is fun :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the help so far!


Welcome aBoard. Can’t wait to see your efforts and thanks for the nice words.

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and there you go, annother 20 days are over, @marton and I put Pictures and Video Snippets onto the YIO Social Media Channels, but i still was not able to take additional Pictrues.

Also i didn’t get any Questions or Request from anyone, are you all OK?
I hope so. The Project is going forward. There are hurdles to take (like a small issue with WiFi that prohibits me to use the remote - HINT: Don’t do CH12 or 13 at your Router when no Country Code is set at the Pi… - only took 3 Days and lots of Braintime to solve). But Again, faster then i could open up an Issue on Github @marton thought about the solution and has it layered into the code.

That for all who are interested into a spy behind the curtain. Such thinks can happen at any time and with any release, but it is good to see, that there are actual interest in fixing and hunting such Bugs. What else to say…
I’m still happy with the Remote, it is not yet in daily usage mode (from my or my wifes side) but that is due to not yet available good integration from my Entertainment Equipment. Not due to the fact it is not working. There is also an ongoing path towards a second Backend Implementation opened by @Nklerk, can’t wait to see it in action.

I’m curious about what backend Smart Home Solutions are used by the community, so please provide some Information and feel free to link to the Main Pages of the Solution.

Personal i’m using many different System that are all combined int the following three Backends:
NEEO - used to control all the AV Stuff
Homey - Used to connect with NEEO and control the rest of the Smart Home
Home Assistant - Setup dedicated to the YIO Test Remote, no logic or interconnection