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THR Interface Designer

Hello all, And if you have Neils de Klerk watching this.

I have some news about the THE HOME REMOTE interface designer! And the amazing design by one user John : https://community.thehomeremote.com/t/home-remote-v3-example/35

It would be so cool to get your great minds and help develop a plug-ins for the YIO remote and the NEEO remote.
So you can create your own interfaces and link them to all your devices. When you consider what you guys are doing with YIO remote is say you put much more emphasis on the hardware design but join the THR to pool in all your software minds and just create plug-ins for THR. It would be like Neils de Klerk’s NEEO plug-in for Homey but only this time the user designs the interface…
To give you a small preview of what am working on is I have crafted what will be a wall mounted controller with a multitude of interfaces the sky is the limit.

So if you ever wanted to control everything your way, now you can!
Remember one rule, “Beauty Is The Eyes Of The Beholder”
And you choose what you put on whatever device (Kitchen wall tablet, YIO remote for the media room, Bedroom table-top tablet…etc) In other words deferent interfaces for a particular location.

That would lighten the load or what one remote can do… You definitely don’t want to be in the Bedroom and turning off the lights for some in the kitchen…or you get the picture! :hot_face:

Guys come along and have a look!