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Timeline, what is happening, etc

Hi guys,

I thought I’d give a status on what is happening with the project. When can you see something, etc.


Right now I am waiting for basically everything. I have ordered 5 pieces of the PCBs to test them. They are being assembled this week. There is an issue with the micro USB port footprint not matching up with the actual part, but the board house is working to resolve this. They scheduled the shipping to next week.

The aluminium case arrived last week, but the manufacturing company forgot to sandblast them. So I had to send it back, they are fixing it and hopefully it will also arrive next week or the week after.

The 3D printed parts are already sitting on my desk. They are looking good :slight_smile:

I’ve also ordered silicone rubber buttons with silkscreened icons and text on them. They are creating the mould for it now. When it’s done, they will make a couple of samples and send it to me. I estimate it’s gonna happen in the next two weeks.

When I have everything, I can do a test fit with the final parts. The 3D printed case test fit worked out quite nice, everything sits where it should. I’m expecting the same from the final parts.

When the PCBs arrive, I’ll test the different functionalities. From that point on, I can actually test the software on the final hardware too. This will help a lot.


First of all thank you guys so much for all the translations :slight_smile: The remote is not even in your hands but we have support for a handful of languages already. That’s amazing!

The backbone of the software part is prepared to support multiple hubs. I am planning to finish the first component (lights) written in the new system. Also during the Easter break, I’ll add components for blinds, heating and media players.

Pictures, videos and demo

When all the parts arrive, I’ll build 2 remotes to take pictures of. By the time the software should have the basic features outlined above. I’m planning to take pictures for you to see how it looks and also make some videos to see it in action too.

Kit, how to get one

When I have everything and the tests work out fine, I’ll get the final prices from the manufacturers and figure out a kit price for the remote. After that, I’ll set up a pre-order page or kickstarter or something like that to get the funding to place the order for the parts. Right now it looks like we’ll need minimum of 100 orders to get a good price.

I don’t have a precise timeline for this, but I am hoping it will happen during the summer. Hopefully you’ll be able to play with the Yio remote in the summer holiday :slight_smile:



Obviously also a big thank you @marton for doing all this software writing and testing and spending a lot of own cash to get components and test to make sure they work as described/intented. Eventually we’ll have one or more of these wonderful product(s) at our own home. Can’t waaaaait! :smiley:

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