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Touchscreen not working - advice please!

No luck with the resistor. Changed it back to the standard dtbo file and it still appeared at 0x14. No shorts on pin 37 either.

What resistor did you use? You can also try soldering a resistor between pin 35(one below the one on the top) and 3.3V. That is the reset pin.

I used 1M as advised. I just tried a 1M also between pin 35 and 3.3v as advised but no change.

Do you maybe have 10k resistor to try with on both lines?

Yes, I have just about every value here. Okay so kinda progress. I got a touch event to register with a 10k between pin37 and 3.3v. It then stopped working. I fired up cat /dev/input/event0 and some garbled crap come out but also the remote wasn’t behaving - when i used the hard buttons to move left and right the main page wasn’t updating for instance so it was unstable.

With both resistors connected I got nothing.

It continues to appear at 0x14 btw.

Update went back to the single resistor and the touch is working.Update again… no it stopped working. :rofl:

Ok. Cool. So what resistor where? :slight_smile: just so we have the solution here.

I don’t know what happened. With the 10k between pin37 and 3.3V it work for about 5 seconds. When I went back to it it didn’t work anymore and now I can’t get it to repeat this behaviour.

Maybe 10k is not enough. Try with 100k.

Are you rebooting or cold starting between these trials?

It now seems like it is actually working!!! Although it did stop working for a bit then started working again. This is with 100k between pin37 and 3.3v. I’ll try upping the resistance if it doesn’t end up being reliable.

I was rebooting via the OK key.

Assume we’re fixing something I damaged in the install?

Thank for your help Marton, really appreciate the time you’ve taken.

Great to hear it’s working.

It very well could be that something happened to the pi and it is acting up by pulling the GPIOs down when it shouldn’t. Putting a resistor between those pins are “forcing” the interrupt pin to be high and the touch IC will pull it low, when there’s a touch event. I have never came across this particular issue during the time I’ve been using the remote and neither the others who were testing. But it’s good we figure it out! Thanks for your patience and support with debugging :slight_smile:

Thanks again. I changed up to 330k as it wasn’t reliable. This seems better. I was also getting a “purpling” of the screen which has gone now too.

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No problem. The screen “purpling” definitely points towards a damaged or problematic Pi GPIO. I think @Nklerk had something similar that the Pi GPIOs were actually faulty, and after he replaced the Pi everything was working.