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Touchscreen ribbon connector broken

In attaching the ribbon cable for the touchscreen the black securing grip part has pinged off. I have located it but am not sure if I am able to re-attatch it to the rest of the connector as it is so tiny. Under a magnifying glass it might have a very tiny securing lug on one side but the other side doesn’t so it may be broken.

Any suggestions ?

I have tried without it but no joy, there is obviously no electrical grip in the cable. I am not sure if another black part or complete connector could have the black part or whole plastic transposed. I am not confident I would be able to re-solder a new part but willing to give it a go (I’m an electronics engineer).

Failing that I suppose the path is a new main board for the remote - are these available ? I would sacrifice the Pi. What cost would that be ?


The remote does work - just no touchscreen

I had the same problem. in the end I was able to repair the connector. Slide the black part back into the connector from behind. I succeeded after many attempts.

Hi @xAPPO,

That little latch is pushing the ribbon down to the contacts. If it’s not there, there might not be enough contact. As @Octo said, it’s possible to put it back if it is not broken, just “popped off”.

You can also try to just replace the connector, if you have the right equipment.

I don’t know yet if the main board would be available. I don’t have just spare boards, but if there’s a need, I can get some produced.