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Translation file

Hello everyone,

I started to help the owner out by translating the app to Dutch until we both agreed we want this app to support a wider range of languages.

To achieve this goal, I’ve set up a spreadsheet with a few languages we thought it would be best to have covered asap. Obviously we’re open to other languages not listed, feel free to comment and mention which language you want it to be translated into.

I know there are paid platforms where you can collaborate on translating files, but being on a tight budget we start out with a spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet has view only permissions. If you wish to edit/participate in a language, please mention the following two things as a comment to this topic, or send me a PM.

  • Your google email account
  • Which language you’d like to help translating.

Thanks in advance!

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Ops, should have added here.
Want to help on translation to Portuguese-BR.

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I have given you permissions to edit the Portuguese column :slight_smile: Thanks @xhemp

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@xhemp I converted your text into a json file and created a pull request. Needs to be accepted by @marton first. It will be published soon :slight_smile: Thanks for the effort and time!


No worries,@Tosko, glad to help!

Thanks for the help @xhemp!

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Sure thing, anything else to translate, let me know.

DavidHA Reached out to me for the German part. Once that’s done, I’ll generate the German language too. :slight_smile:


German was done by me in the old file. But that was not overtaken. But i’m Ok if somebody else does it again.

Did you make a pull request? I haven’t seen any. Could you point me to the file?

I’ve done so prior to send the suggestion to split the languages and provide the Flag for better overview. But i’m unable to find it. But i’m ok when somebody else was faster yet, there will be enough that can be done from my side, later on.

It has not been filled in yet. If you can do so sooner, than that is fine as well. Let me know if you’re interested.

@LarsenPedersen is doing the Danish translation. It’s so nice to see everyones effort in this translation program! :smiley:

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Danish language added. it’s a pull request still, but @marton is quite fast :smiley: thanks @LarsenPedersen

I’ve done a translation as i didn’t found a german File. Pull request is done under https://github.com/martonborzak/yio-remote/pull/10 @marton

For Dashboard the only translation is Instrumententafel but that doesn’t fit here, so i let it as it is. If somebody have a better Word, just add it.

If DavidHA brings better words for the translation i’m also fine with that. There will be enough possibility to help here (as i see it in future)

Hi @Carp3-noctem please ensure your file has an extension. it’s now only de_de file, which would be accepted by the software. make sure the file name is: de_de.json

Could you modify that and do a new pull requests?

I have added your translations to the excel sheet as well.

Of course, seems like i’m not yet wkaen up… how the heck did i miss this…

EDIT: File extension added and used same pull request.

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I’ve added more languages requesting translation. If there is someone able to translate these too, please let me know:

:portugal: Portuguese
:es: Spanish
:hungary: Hungarian
:norway: Norwegian
:sweden: Swedish
:bulgaria: Bulgarian
:croatia: Croatian
:czech_republic: Czech
:estonia: Estonian
:finland: Finnish
:greece: Greek
:ireland: Irish
:it: Italian
:latvia: Latvian
:lithuania: Lithuanian
:malta: Maltese
:poland: Polish
:romania: Romanian
:slovakia: Slovak
:slovenia: Slovene

I can help translate to Hebrew

Hi @Yuvalkob, right-to-left languages are not yet supported. But I think it’ll be something worth looking into. Could you please open a feature request?