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Translation file

Added Spanish language :slight_smile:

Hi @Tosko don’t know if you realize but most of the iso code you put in the second tab of the google sheet are wrong

I copied it from Microsoft website. You would imagine a corporate like that having the codes correct. hehe. Do you have the possibility to correct the codes?

are you sure you didn’t had a problem during the copy because that strange
anyway if needed yes i guess i can fix it but do we need it ?

If it’s wrong, then yes it’s worth fixing to avoid bad naming conventions.

You could also link me to a good page if you prefer that. If not, let me know and send me your gmail over PM so I can give you edit permissions.


Thanks @spid for translating Yio Remote to Swedish :smiley:
The pull request is ready for @marton to accept :slight_smile:

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Thank you all and @spid for the translations.

Please note that I added a description value to the json files. It is the name of the language in the corresponding language. So that we will show on the user interface, instead of en-us, etc.

If you could look at that and update whenever you have time that would be awesome.

But thank you everyone for the help! It’s great to see that we have so many languages supported already :slight_smile:

Hi @marton,

I’ve done that already. You apready pulled in those requests on github.

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Hi all,

Just added a settings page in the en-us translation file :wink: take a look at it when you’ll have a chance. I’d appreciate it.

In addition to this, the excel sheet has been updated with the new variables. Please everyone, take a look at it and update it when you can. Thank you!

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I would be nice with a description or a context for where the variables are used - and if the are used with capital letter :slight_smile:

Hmm, I guess I’ll pull the software once I’m done with the Dutch language and try to add this to the sheet somehow. I’ll keep everyone posted.

You’re right :slight_smile:

Here it is

I have added the image to the sheet. I have created clickable links to the corresponding context.

Thanks for that screenshot, I will have to make time to screenshot the others too.

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@Tosko German was Updated, did it directly to Git, are you transfer it to your sheet? or would you like to add permissions for me?

Either way is fine to me. If you could share your gmail address, I will add it anyway :smiley: for future purposes maybe. For now I could add it to the sheet.

We are going to add a few more things to it though :smiley:

Guys, the translate file has a few new variables added by @marton
Excel sheet has been updated. Please help me update the file accordingly!

HI everyone,

@marton , @Carp3-noctem and I have managed to set up a Crowdin project page where the translation of files will be handled. Once you translate a string to your own language, the managers will be notified and can approve your translation(s).

Once it’s approved, there is a 10 minute interval for it to synchronise back to GitHub and create a pull request if there are merge errors. Otherwise it will automatically commit.

To summarise:

  • We now have to only manage one master file (en_US.ts).
  • No more manually adding strings to files and excel sheet
  • The other language files are automatically generated and updated with a 10 minute interval.
  • On GitHub you’ll see a new pull request available if there is a merge error and the merge has to be done by one of the git repository members. Or if all goes right, it’s automatically committed.

Please join us on Crowdin and help us complete the files :slight_smile:


when you like to add a language, that is not yet Supported, just reply here and mention @Tosko or myself, then we can add it.
@Tosko did you still have the contact details for the old translators and may like to ask them to check the translation on crowdin?

Hello, I’d like to contribute by translating to Russian if possible