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Troubleshooting - Dock

Settting up
When you first plugin the dock it enters setup mode. The LED will blink to indicate it’s in setup mode. Setup can be:

  • With the remote. When you’re setting up the remote, follow the on screen instructions to setup the dock. The remote will try to send your wifi credentials over to the dock via Bluetooth. This is just an alpha version and might not work.
  • With wifi. The dock will create a WiFi network called “YIO-Dock-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”. Join this network. A page will popup where you can configure the wifi network.

After successful connection to your WiFi network, the LED quickly flashes 3 times then turns off.

Dock - remote connection
The remote will auto discover all the docks when they are on the same network. To check if the remote is connected to a dock, go to Settings/Integrations on the remote.

Resetting the dock
Press and hold the GPIO0 button on the bottom side for more than 5 seconds to reset the dock to factory defaults.

Restarting the dock
Press the RESET button on the bottom to restart the dock.

LED patterns
When the dock is in setup mode the LED continuously blinks.
After successful connection the LED flashes quickly 3 times and turns off.

If the WiFi connection drops, the LED will quickly blink until it reconnects.

When the remote is charing the LED is “breathing”. (Like on old Macs)

When the remote is on low battery, the LED will flash quickly twice, pause, then repeat until you put the remote on the dock.

Hi, I have problems with the factory reset, my dock is connected to the WLAN, but with a wrong old one now I wanted to reset it by pressing GPIO0 for 5 seconds.

Unfortunately nothing happens, the dock is still connected to the old/false WLAN. is there another solution?

Hi @D0doooh, you can connect the dock to your computer and erase the flash and upload a new firmware.

Thank you for your help, but unfortunately I can’t find a guide to do this in the documentation, where can I find this?

We use platformIO for the esp32 firmware development. If you’re not familiar with it, you can find all the information you need here:

When you have this installed, choose the option to erase the flash, then clone the dock-software repo, build the project and upload it to the esp.

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thank you very much, could successfully reset the dock with pkatformIO and upload the project again, but it does not set me SSID and I can not find it as an AP, also I get the following error in the console:

[E][WiFiSTA.cpp:124] begin(): SSID too long or missing!

Where do I set the SSID? Sorry, I’m just reading in PlatformIO, so I don’t understand everything yet… many many thanks!

Great. That means that there is no SSID set. The dock should have created a WiFi network. Connect to that and start the setup process.

no, unfortunately the Dock does not create a WiFi network. Do I need to do anything else to create this?

Which branch did you clone?

My dock is successfully connected to WiFi, I can reach the OTA webpage. However my Remote is unable to discover it, despite being on the same WiFi network and able to ping the IP of the dock.

How can I troubleshoot the discovery further?

What version of remote app you’re using? You can easily check it in Settings/System on the remote.

Sorry I forgot to include that, it’s on 0.3.1.

I would suggest to update to the latest SD image and after that update to the latest app, plugin and web configurator versions. The web configurator will show the dock under discovered devices.