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Troubleshooting - Remote

Turn on/off
Press the OK button to turn on the remote.
To turn off the remote, go to Settings/System and tap Shutdown.
In case the remote becomes unresponsive, you can force a shutdown by press and hold on the OK button for more than 5 seconds.

Enable remote configuration
Go to Settings and turn on remote configuration.

If you “lock” yourself out of the remote and want to enable remote configuration to use the web configurator, restart the remote, then while the circle is spinning (loading) press the top left button followed by the top right button. A buzz will indicate that the remote configuration is turned on. After the UI loaded, you will also see a notification that confirms that the web configurator is available.

You can ssh into the remote with the user root and password yioremote.

Manually updating the software

  1. ssh into the remote ssh root@ip
  2. kill the running app: killall -9 remote
  3. download the latest release binaries from GitHub. You will need the remote-software. This is the main application. Download also any integration you are using, for example: Home Assistant.
  4. Extract the files
  5. Copy the remote binary to /opt/yio/app/: scp remote root@ip:/opt/yio/app/
  6. Copy the integration .so files to /opt/yio/app-plugins/: scp libhomeassistant.so root@ip:/opt/yio/app-plugins/
  7. Restart the remote application: /opt/yio/app-launch.sh &

Location of files
Main application: /opt/yio/app/
Plugins: /opt/yio/app-plugins/
Web configurator: /opt/yio/web-configurator/

After step 5-6 you might have to set the permissions depending how you transferred the files for at least the app folder, maybe others.

chmod -R 755 /opt/yio/app

After updating all stuff, using /opt/yio/scripts/update.sh -r displays “–” for version installed remote-software. Is this normal? Remote seems to work normally.

Hey just wondering does anyone know how to test the bluetooth functionality or turn it on? I can find the address of the device but pinging it doesn’t come up - says the host is down