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Tutorial for having background images


Can someone explain to us (Newbies) how to have background image by copying it to the remote in the appropriate size (which size?) and manually add it to config.json ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Nicolas1er,

It’s quite easy :slight_smile:

  1. Prepare images on your computer at 480 px maximum width and approx the 300 px in height. If it’s not exactly the ratio, the app will crop it. It can be either jpg or png.
  2. Copy the files over to the remote. You can either use scp like this:
    scp /path/to/the/image root@ip:/opt/media
    Or you can just copy them to the SD card from your computer. I’d suggest to create a folder called images or media or something like that.
  3. Edit the config.json file manually or via the webconfig advanced menu. Find the pages key and the page you’d like to assign the image to. Add a key called image and the path to your file: "image": "/boot/media/livingroom.jpg" for example in case you copied to the SD card.
  4. Save and reboot the remote.

Super thanks for taking time to explain it, I will try right now.

Done ! Super easy and sexy thanks !

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