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Upcoming Kickstarter campaign

Hi all,

The Kickstarter campaign is soon sent to review, so if everything goes well it will be up and running next week. Before that, I wanted to give an update on some of the details that might be useful.

There will be 100 YIO Remote DIY kits available at start. If there is more demand, I will add more kits til a reasonable level, that I can handle.

A kit costs $330 + $30 shipping. Kits ship to EU(including UK, Switzerland), USA and Canada. The kit price includes VAT within EU, but import taxes and duties are not covered for backers outside the EU. If you will be making a pledge outside EU, you are responsible for paying these import taxes and fees.

What’s inside the kit?

  • CNCd, bead blasted and black anodised housing for the remote and the dock
  • 3D printed (SLS) back cover and charging port insert for the remote
  • 3D printed (SLS) part for the dock to hold the remote
  • Acrylic parts for the remote and dock
  • LED diffuser acrylic for the dock
  • Custom made rubber silicone buttons
  • 480x800px high resolution LCD display
  • PCBs for the remote and dock
  • Haptic motor
  • Pogo pins for the charging port
  • Magnets (for remote and dock)
  • M2.5 screws
  • Wires

What is NOT included in the kit?

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • SD card. Class 10 recommended, with minium 2GB capacity.
  • 2500mAh 3.7V LiPo battery that fits in the housing(47x61x7mm). We recommend using this from Adafruit.
  • USB-C cable
  • Charger capable of 3A @ 5V

Soldering and maker skills are needed to assemble the kit. We are working hard to put together a guide, so you can see what is required for the assembly. We are hoping to publish this next week before the campaign goes live.

When will I get it?

The manufacturers are ready. The campaign runs until the middle of January. It takes 2 weeks until I get the funds. At the end of January I’ll place the orders for the various parts. They should arrive to me by the beginning of April and then I’ll immediately start shipping out the kits. If everything goes to plan, you should get your kit in April or beginning of May depending on where you live.

Follow the forum and discord chat!

I will post on our Discord chat and here on the forum first, when the campaign is live. Make sure check back regularly in the next few days!

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask it here!



The start of something big :smiley:

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What about shipping to Canada? I’m guessing you will if we pay any import fees?

@fireball1725 I have added Canada to the list. Shipping will be the same.


Awesome! Thanks, I have been waiting for this kit for a bit now, so I’m super excited for the kickstarter.


Great news, thank you @marton!

Will there be an option/reward on kickstarter which contains one remote and TWO docks? I would use one dock simply to charge the remote (could be with less/simplier electronic components inside) an one to put next to my AV-Devices inside a cupboard. Maybe other users are interesstet in a package with TWO docks as well?

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Thanks @kamblian!

I haven’t calculated with that option. However if there will be a lot of requests, I’ll try to figure something out, but I can’t promise anything. Different combinations make it really hard with low quantities.

Should I create a feature request for the “second dock option” to allow people to vote?

Shipping to Singapore too please!

What is with the limited shipping?

Stop oppressing me, I am in NZ, but nevertheless human.


@viix @nickrout Singapore and New Zealand added to the list! :slight_smile:

Limited shipping is due to various shipping fees. It makes really hard to calculate the Kickstarter goal. If you’re missing a country, please let me know and I’ll check and add it!

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Man that is results for you! Thank you.



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Australia is on the list!


It’s getting close! Thank you for explaining the timetable, that really helps. I’m looking forward to when you start shipping.


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You can, but as I said, I cannot guarantee it will happen.

Please add Norway as well!

@tordms Norway is in there as well. I keep forgetting Norway is not part of the EU :stuck_out_tongue:


The campaign start is just around the corner. The pre-launch page is already live:

We will post the assembly guide before the launch here and it will be part of the Kickstarter page as well.
A video assembly will follow a bit later.



NZ$507 for this? I’ll also have to pay shipment and then 15% tax on top. It’ll end up well over $600. I blanched at that, then realised a Logitech Harmony Elite is NZ$490.

I’ll have to speak to the boss.

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