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Upcoming Kickstarter campaign

@nickrout sadly this is the price that @marton needs to take for the kit. He definitly will not be a rich guy afterwards. the smaller the batch, the higher the costs. and the units count where based on the feedback prior the kickstarter launch.

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I am not complaining as such, but the NZ$ is not particularly strong at present.

I have no doubt at all about the economics of a small batch, nor do I have any doubt it will be a great product.

EDIT, I’ll probably drunk-buy!!


What did your boss say?

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She said not to get drunk…


Backer nr. 8 :slight_smile: Can’t wait for it to arrive, looking at all the great ideas and developments this small community is putting in this nice open solution. Will be a great replacement for our NEEO remote. Especially knowing this can continue it’s development, whatever happens :wink: Great job to all of you that are contributing and developing. Extra thanks to @Nklerk for his contribution (knowing his big amount of community work for the NEEO users) and bringing in a Dutch angle to this project. And extra thanks to @ChristianRiedl for his ROON implementation. As a big ROON user I can’t wait to start using your implementation, keep up the good work, make this the best way to use ROON :wink:


Thanks @jeroendd! Indeed we are really close to reach our goal and get the kit out to you :slight_smile: Fingers crossed. If you can, please share it with your network! :slight_smile: I’d really appreciate it.

Great to see you being a Becker! Hopefully the YIO future will be bright! And thanks for the :heart:!