Yio Remote Community

Update 2019.05.06

Hi guys,

Just wanted to give you an update if you’re not following discord or the github pages. I managed to get a lot of things done in the weekend.

The library for the MCP23017 GPIO expander now works. That means that interrupt based button presses and also interrupt based proximity, gesture and ambient light detection are working. The C++ side is connected to the QML side and the handling of the actual events can be done in QML. I did some very basic things like navigating between the menu with the left/right keys.

I’ve also managed to get the library working for the haptic motor driver IC. Same thing, also exposed to QML, so it’s easy to integrate it into the UI. You just need to call, haptic.playEffect(“click”) for example. It’s globally available.

The proximity sensor’s driver is also in the code now. Works too. Need to finish the handling for that and it’s completely done.

Because of the above, it is not necessary to have the separate python script anymore. I got rid of that. It also helps with performance. Now all the hardware handling is done within Qt. Much easier.

I also uploaded the buildroot config to github. Still need to do little tweaks here and there, but it works.

The buttons are should be here soon. I’ve ordered a production of professionally made rubber silicone buttons with silkscreened icons on them. Can’t wait to see and test them.

Found a laser cutter for the little acrylic part that covers the buttons and the proximity sensor. They are cutting the material today, so I can pick up some of that in the next days too.

Originally my plan was to build a remote in the weekend and record the steps. Instead of the hardware building a lot of hardware handling code happened. When I got the acrylic part, probably I’ll semi-assemble one remote and take pictures and make a bit more detailed post on how it’s put together.