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Update 2019.07.02

Hello everybody,

Things were a bit quiet recently as I have been busy with work and have been waiting for the housing remake, because the first batch didn’t have the right finish and quality. But finally they arrived and looking good :slight_smile:

Left to right: aluminium from producer 1, black anodised from producer 1, black anodised remade from producer 2, black anodised remade from producer 2, black anodised not nice finish from producer 2 :smiley:

It is really hard to judge it on pictures, but I think the new ones looking good.

I’ve started to build a black and aluminium version to see if the redesigned housing is an improvement. It is! Makes the whole remote sturdier and more solid.

This is really good news, because that means everything is ready for the kit :slight_smile: So now I’ll dig deep in excel sheets and calculations and will figure out the kit price.



Wow, this looks utterly and completely amazing!

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NEEO 2.0! Well done man looks really good

Nice work man! Was dropping by earlier last week to see the forum was quiet. But you dont sit still. Look forward to the result of the calculations

No intention to do crowdfunding and get some serious money behind it? Looks like it could be a real success story, even more so when it’s open source and you get a community like Home Assistant behind it

I am planning to do some sort of crowdfunding or pre-order to be able to get the kit to the people who are interested in it. But at this stage it is still a DIY project.

I have some plans for the future to design a completely custom board around a microprocessor, but that is something for the next 1-2 years.

Meanwhile I hope that developers will jump on board with helping to develop integrations for not just Home Assistant, but also for other home automation systems.

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