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Update 23.04.2019

Hi guys,

Just wanted to write about the progress here as well. I’ve been posting small updates on our Discord chat but wanted to have it here as well.

We have made quite a bit of progress in the Easter break!

  • we moved the translation of the app to Qt’s own solution. This helped to streamline the process a lot. We already have 100% support for a couple of languages. If you’d like to help translate the rest, feel free to check out our translation page.
  • Many things happened in the app itself. Dashboard works now, you are able to add and remove your favorits to that page. The room page also works, gathering all your devices into rooms. This will be expanded even more in the near future. The settings page is fully functional with auto brightness, dark mode, cleaning mode, power saving options, language selectors, information about the remote and options to add more hubs and devices here. The latter is an ongoing plan to merge the setup app into the main app to give you a more streamlined user experience.
  • Some cool people are looking at the code and learning about the app and hopefully they will develop more cool integrations! :slight_smile:
  • And last the most exciting thing: Next week, the PCBs and the aluminium case will arrive. Expect a lot of pictures and frequent updates!


Here are a bunch of links to the screengrabs, I’ve been sharing on discord:


@marton Wow, what a step toward the Future (Topic say 23.10.2019 / it is 23.04.2019)


Haha :sweat_smile: well spotted again

Thank you @marton for the update. My compliments for the things you have achieved already in such a short time.

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Fantastic. Wish I could do more to help. Glad to hear some of the talented guys from Neeo community have moved over to help.
Looking forward to the first batch of remotes now. :+1:

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