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Updated dock with esp8266 and IR

Hi all,

Based on @Nklerk’s work the dock has been updated to include an esp8266, an IR receiver and 4 IR LEDs. For convenience, I also put a USB to serial on the board, upgraded to USB-C and placed a headphone jack to be used with IR extenders. Because of the IR, the top of the dock is going to be the same 1mm tinted acrylic that we use on the remote around the buttons. It works with IR as the proximity sensor is also using that to measure proximity. I think it’s going to look great! :slight_smile: Best of all that the size of the dock stays the same!

In the past week I have been testing the new PCBs with the updated charger IC and so far it has been working great. Much better than the previous IC that I used. I keep crunching the test remotes to make sure it will work long term as well.

Did also some testing regarding battery life. Wi-Fi always on and average use during the day, the remote lasted 12 hours until it went down to 9% battery. I repeated the test 3 times and approximately got similar results. That is of course not days, but it will last long enough to go through the day.



Any way to improve battery life?
Bigger battery maybe,if it fits?

Disable WiFi while the screen is off perhaps? Or in a later version use Bluetooth LE to the dock, and use the ESP8266 to relay commands?

@madf78 @dakaix Yes, there’s an option now to turn off Wi-Fi after some inactivity. You can change this in settings. If you have this enabled, it will save you 1-2 extra hours, but I have to test it to have exact numbers.

BLE could be also an option, but as discussed before it wouldn’t work for everyone. So that is probably be something you can choose.

Lastly, if you find a bigger battery that fits, or design your own case that can hold a bigger battery, that’s also an option :slight_smile:

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I am an original backer of the NEEO remote, and remember @NKlerk being quite an active and supportive member of that community. It is exciting to see his involvement with your project.

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Great upgrades. Now it is a proper universal remote in its own right.
Can’t wait until we can purchase these for testing. Great job Marton and Neils.

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Please don’t thank me yet, my involvement is still quite limited. Although I’m happy to see my name brings in new members to the community helping this project to a success, wether it’s providing positive note, coding, translation, electronics or other ways. Really cool.

No pressure - just acknowledging your involvement, no matter how limited, as a welcome addition to the already incredible time and effort put in by Marton et al.

He Niels! Nice to see you here :slight_smile:

Wessel Otter from planet NEEO