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Using NEEO remote as the Shell of YIO remote

Hi! I’m new to the community but i’m watching this forum since it’s started as a possible alternative of NEEO remote. I’m pretty sure that many of the members here arrived after the disappointment of NEEO future shutdown. I have to tell you that i admire the work you’ve done so far and i’m willing to help and support this project in every way i can.
My first notice is the following: Since the project is totally open source and we even get the details to assembly the YIO remote, lot of us are owners of a NEEO remote that i admit software is a piece of crap but the hardware part is just amazing and solid comparing to YIO. I’ve opened NEEO and all parts are removable except the screen. Could we find a way to through away all hardware parts inside NEEO remote (that’s too easy) and add the YIO parts so we can continue using this amazing remote shell? We also can keep the NEEO base to charge it and we throw away the NEEO brain and we use the YIO dock. I think this is totally possible since they have same size and lot of us are willing to pay for a custom PCB board which fits the alignment of NEEO buttons. That’s all it needs i believe.
This post is not intended to offend the amazing work you’re doing with the efforts and the support you’ve got so far, it’s just my personal opinion about replacing a piece of art remote (referring to design) with something of inferior quality.


Hi @sakis_s, welcome to the community.

I have not looked into this and I won’t. To be honest, it feels like trying to revive something that is already dead. For me it doesn’t make sense to spend time on this, I would rather focus on building new things, where we can decide what goes where instead of creating a Frankenstein of a device.

But again, the project is open source and if someone wants to spend time on this, it’s up to that individual :slight_smile:

I don’t see any benefits in such a work. The Qualität @marton offers with YIO is the same standard (and higher) what NEEO also have done. The Form factor of the housing is not exactly the same, but it feels great!

I have both devices as real Hardware and can feel and touch them, so I don’t see a benefit in such a work. Also you not only need to change all hardware, you also need to custom do the yio pcb, CPU and Battery as all these components will not fit into NEEO.