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Voting available for new feature requests

Hi there everyone,

We have introduced a Voting mechanism on this forum under the “Feature requests” category. The requested features with the most votes will get the developers attention quicker and will, after an approval from one of the developers, be added to the Hardware or Software todo list.

How does it work

  1. Open the topic with the feature you want to vote for.
    if your feature request doesn’t exist yet, feel free to open a new topic and vote on it.
  2. Left from to the Topic subject, you’ll find a number with a vote button below it. If you believe it’s a good feature request, click the button :slight_smile:

The developers will go through the topics bi-weekly or at least provide feedback/comment on each feature request. Rejected feature requests will be closed, accepted feature requests will be added to the corresponding software or hardware to-do list. The item will have a link to the requested feature topic (which remains open). This allows everyone to discuss the feature request or provide feedback on the progress.

Thank you everyone for understanding and happy voting!