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Vu+ Zero 4K Support

Would be great to be able to control VU+ boxes, ie VU+ Zero 4K or any other Vu+.

Additionally would be great to have tv channel icons displayed on yio remote through Vu+

Is this technically possible and who might have experiences in this?

Any thoughts?

It is technically possible. I have written an enigma2 integration for NEEO and Homey. Currently I don’t have the skills to do it for YIO, but I will look into it for sure.

Also there are still some needs in the yio ui that first need to be fulfilled to have a great experience with such an integration.


So we could have tv channel icons from available channels of Vu+ displayed on YIO remote?

It may be possible to get the channels into the YIO, if this can be done automatically i need to check. on the NEEO it was a manual process and therefor i did not checked it. Also for Homey it is a not available feature so only basic control over tcp/ip was on my focus.
As soon as i find the time to dive into qml / c++ and the Intagration UI is available i will check what can be made possible.

would be really great and much appreciated, thx