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Web based configurator

With some help from @Carp3-noctem, a web-based configurator is under development. It would be more convenient to configure the remote from a website, rather than on the touchscreen. So when you turn on the web configurator on the remote it will show you a web address, which you can open in your browser.

So far we have imagined the following features, but I opened this topic to have a discussion about it and if you guys have ideas or would like to add to it, here’s the place :slight_smile:

Early version would have:

  • Download / Upload configuration
  • Download / Upload backup
  • Edit config.json in a web editor

Later it would be great to have:

  • Drag and drop editor to rearrange the UI elements
  • Place to reconfigure the buttons
  • Editor to create your own UI cards from a set of UI components

Features to add:

  • When web configurator is connected, display a splash screen on the remote to prevent editing things at the same time
  • Update remote software from web configurator
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