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Wishlist for Remote Two

  • a few days of battery life, so I do not have to always worry about putting it into the charger
  • support for Apple HomePod, ideally with access to my iTunes / Apple Music subscription so I can select on the remote what should be played
  • support for scenes (watch tv = turn off other sound sources in the room, turn on the tv, dim the lights)
  • integration with home automation, for example node red (this could cover the scenes of course)

Roon integration please, been waiting for this feature for long now. Also webhooks if possible and IR learning, but mostly and relatively easy to use web configuration :slight_smile:
I hope I am not asking too much !!
I mean if I compare the price of the remote, and what you can get for less but with much more!!
I am willing to help the project move forward, but I have used the remote V1 not more than few time since I got it.
It is just my two cent.


Roon and the ability to program IR codes so I can use with my hifi.


I have no IR control at my place. It’s all Ethernet now. So the ability to work with the basic Home Assistant Integrations (media player, climate, switch, light, cover) would be great.

Also battery life. Battery life. Battery life.

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HOMEKIT… Sorry for Caps but it would be great if you can control HomeKit things or homebridge Stuff…

And BL-Funcionality…with Android media Players and Android TVs … Like Nvidia shield or the Apple TV…

Thanks for the comments!

@Noobhub The dock has it’s own small API, so it’s possible to send commands to it from other devices than the remote.

There’s an open API, so connecting to node red or other systems will be easy @maik. However we are planning to support Home Assistant, Homey and other platforms as well. The HA integration is already working @tom_l on the current software version, but we’re working on an integration on the HA side, so setup would be breeze and options to control the remote and dock from HA as well. And maybe see the remote’s battery status in HA.

Apple TV control is also on our list. Probably the first step is going to be Bluetooth control. But we’re keeping an eye on Matter as well and see where it goes. This would include HomeKit as well @DerPicknicker.

IR learning is working in the current version as well, however it requires a bit more work. We will make it available in the UI @madf78 @Paul.

One thing we cannot do @madf78 is to compete on price with large corporations. We’re small compared to those big players, but we do everything we can to negotiate good prices on components and make the price of the remote competitive.

And yeah, battery life :slight_smile: It’s a big improvement over the current remote. We won’t be able to do weeks, but multiple days.


Another point for the wishlist:
Fast Kickstarter Campaing can’t wait to sell my harmony remote.

@marton Any IR code learned should be easy to call within home assistant such that we can copy remotes easily. Also the dock should be capable to be a bluetooth remote for android tv systems with the standard installation without any tinkering if possible.

@DerPicknicker I would be the happiest if everything would be done in an instant, but I want to make sure everything is right. We have to go though the proper certification process and manufacturing steps. I know people want this immediately, but that’s quite unrealistic. Kickstarter is not a store, it’s a platform to make things happen :slight_smile:

@Noobhub right, so you would like to control Bluetooth devices from the dock, without the remote?

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Possible to configure the remote with mobile/computer via web access ?
Scene of course, home customization, profile for multiple remote user (example 1 for me, 1 for me wife, 1 for kids), favorite panel with shortcuts. Possibility to rename buttons, export scene and function to share with others.

You misunderstood me :slight_smile:

I know what a Kickstarter Campaign is but I generally mean that I am hyped to support you guys with this great product.

Sorry about that :slight_smile:

Thank you! We’re keen on launching the campaign as soon as we can :slight_smile:

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So my short list of items in order of importance:

  1. IR repeater or wired blaster support (with at least two outputs) so I can control stuff in my AV Cabinet. Currently I use a Harmony Remote for this (And previously used a NEO remote), but it would be awesome to be able to replace that since it’s been end of lifed by Logitech.
  2. Ability to setup actions similar to how Harmony remotes work where you can choose “TV” or “Xbox” or something and then have a set of actions performed that will switch inputs and AV settings and whatever to match.
  3. Low latency… Harmony remotes have always sucked on this end. There’s a noticeable delay between when you press a button and get a subsequent reaction out of a Harmony Hub. My NEEO when it was still working was dramatically better at this. It’s most notable when controlling an Apple TV or the like. Even though my NEEO was IR only for it’s Apple TV control it was much more responsive as a control device than my Harmony even though the Harmony can control the Apple TV via Bluetooth.
  4. Homekit support. I don’t care that it’s fully native HomeKit certified or whatever. But a well supported somewhat official method of Homekit support would be great. A good Homebridge plugin would be plenty. I use this in a variety of ways with my Harmony Hub (and similarly did so with my NEEO). It’s great to be able to ask Siri to turn on the Xbox action/activity or ask Siri to pause whatever is playing or mute the audio. I’ve likewise passed some actions on to Homekit buttons so I have dedicated HomeKit based Mute and Pause buttons which are super handy when you can’t find the remote quickly.

Clearly I’m approaching this from a very AV centric perspective but that’s my main use case. Having some basic light controls and stuff like that are nice and I do enjoy having them, but my main need is AV related.


Thanks for soliciting input - I’m really curious to see a viable (or even superior!) replacement for my good old Harmony.

What I’d love to see has quite some overlap with @methnen - but I thought it’s still worth sharing:

  • at least 6 easily accessible scenes, for family compatibility
  • the Harmony’s “Help” button is a crucial feature, some devices sometimes don’t register the IR commands, or some HDMI timing issue causes inputs not to be switched: i.e. a way to send the scene again (or to turn things off again) is really important in practice.
  • being backed by a database, so I don’t have to teach the remote every single key. This is a huge time saver.
  • being able to teach remote control buttons, and to freely name them.
  • having a devices view, where I can tweak each device outside the scene, is important for the exceptional cases, and allows me to move the original remotes into storage, instead of just keeping them out of sight.
  • battery life > 3 days, better yet 7 days because that will become 3 days after a year with off-the-shelve battery quality…
  • the order (and ideally delays) of the scene commands must be configurable, as some actions have side effects, also on other devices, e.g. wrt finding the optimal resolution / codec etc.
  • exporting the config would be good, so I can back up the settings, e.g. to revert to a previous config, or in case the Magnificent Remote Two needs repair that makes it lose its memory.
  • Given your experience you might be able to come up with a way to submit software issues. Maybe the remote could record “this works” (with the original remotes) vs “this scene from this exported config file doesn’t”. Another reason to support exports of config files! Or you could offer internal state dump files of the remote, that we could upload to help debug issues - i.e. anything that helps you make progress efficiently with getting the software to a usable, stable state.

I realize it’s not software :slight_smile: but a replaceable battery makes the remote a worthy investment that considerably changes the acceptable price tag - because I can hope to use it for 10 years instead of 2!

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@marton Yes the dock should be allowed to place somewhere else and can connect to android based IPTV and become the remote controller while also exposing those controls to Home Assistant so we can make a remote on the home assistant app.

Thank you for the input @methnen and @Axel! We are more likely to be aligned as we’re planning most of these features.

The battery is user replaceable, so it won’t be a problem to swap it out after many years :slight_smile:

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This project looks great. It looks like the dock/hub are in one. Please consider making a separate small/inexpensive charging base for those of us who keep the hub in an equipment rack/other room etc.

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Thanks @ppffffpp! We’re going to offer the charging dock to buy separately, but we’ll be looking into maybe designing another small device, like a wireless IR extender.

For me it’s all about home assistant.

The original yio remote introduced me to home assistant, and although I’ve never really got that remote into every day use, I have got everything in the house into home assistant so thank you for that.

I’d want flexible access from the remote to call any HA service.
I have my tv remotes in home assistant. My lights. Heating. Hot tub. Intruder alarm. Fans.

So the more I can view and control the better !!

If I can get the 1st remote up and running too that would be a bonus !!

Never really got it to a useable state. But no bad feelings towards you about that !!

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@marton this is looking great and could be a great replacement of my Neeo and Harmony. But… only one but, why is the power button on the right at the bottom. It is not that I do not welcome change but I think people are so used to have this button at the top. There is a high(er) risk to press the button accidentally when you try to use the button next to it.
Or will there be an optional option to get a prompt on screen to confirm that you really want to turn everything off?