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Wishlist for Remote Two

For me it’s all about home assistant.

The original yio remote introduced me to home assistant, and although I’ve never really got that remote into every day use, I have got everything in the house into home assistant so thank you for that.

I’d want flexible access from the remote to call any HA service.
I have my tv remotes in home assistant. My lights. Heating. Hot tub. Intruder alarm. Fans.

So the more I can view and control the better !!

If I can get the 1st remote up and running too that would be a bonus !!

Never really got it to a useable state. But no bad feelings towards you about that !!

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@marton this is looking great and could be a great replacement of my Neeo and Harmony. But… only one but, why is the power button on the right at the bottom. It is not that I do not welcome change but I think people are so used to have this button at the top. There is a high(er) risk to press the button accidentally when you try to use the button next to it.
Or will there be an optional option to get a prompt on screen to confirm that you really want to turn everything off?

Thanks! There will be a prompt that asks if you want to turn off something or everything :slight_smile:

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A couple of things that makes this a perfect remote (mostly repeat what other said)

  • Integration with Homesassistant. (Google Assistant would be nice also)
  • Webhooks
  • Export/Import of configuration and hopefully in a text format. (revisions with git!)
  • Bluetooth control for Nvidia Shield. Working learn/send IR. (import/export as text)
  • Low Latency, especially on physical button presses.
  • Keep it simple. It needs to be fast, stable and smooth. Too many things try to do everything and ends up doing nothing good. Offload complex things to integrations.
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For us, if a MQTT-Client as Generic Device could be implemented that would be great. Also if the YIO publishs its Actions to a MQTT-Channel.

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i would need this too

Yes if you take a look at what was done for NEEO by Jac, with meta.
A Json template for a remote layout config, buttons can be linked to external url but also go to generic MQTT. Then you can add a node-red (on YIO or external) or node.js package. There are quite a few existing drivers this way (incl e.g. Apple TV, Bose and many others). This allows easy integration of drivers without the need for Qt stuff which is heavy.

Will it be possible to controll sonos?
Would be great to create groups/rooms with defined default settings and allocate it to a button (or habe it as first option on the touch screen) for fast and easy access
E.g. Group living room and dining room, set volume to certain level in all grouped rooms and play defined radio station or a selected playlist

Very annoying that sonos as no such function, but great opportunity for you!

As stated above, I also throw myself in the webhook boat :slight_smile: , simple triggers for anything.
And, but maybe harder to do, macro buttons! A row of buttons below to have maybe 4/5 quick functions. (I know there is the screen, rn with harmony I have numbers on the screen and the 4 buttons at the bottom are used as quick select)

This looks like a really interesting remote.

Things that would be very nice:

  • wired IR blasters (at least 2)
  • hub and charger separately. That way you can put the hub somewhere else and connect the IR blasters to it
  • Support activities like Logitech Harmony does
  • Bluetooth support
  • Home Assistant support. Both ways. Be able to control activities from HA. But also be able to add HA actions to the remote.
  • easy access to IoT controls when you’ve activated an activity


  • multi room support, so for example in the living room you have activities watch TV, PlayStation, watch movie and those are tied to TV 1. And for another room you would have activity watch TV on TV 2. It doesn’t have to detect the room, just select it using a menu.
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I currently use a harmony elite, and the setting up of activities isn’t as easy as it could be. For example if I want to create a button that goes to channel 101, I can do that within the app, but to assign an icon to the button I have to download one on the laptop, connect the elite to the laptop via usb and transfer it that way…
Also changing the function of the physical buttons is fairly easy, but altering the touchscreen isn’t.
I use Roon, but I’ve been controlling it using a Flirc usb which works well…

Thank you all for the input! :slight_smile: I think we’re working on a lot of the things you guys wrote.

As for the configuration, we won’t require you to download an app to your phone or a desktop version. We will be providing a web based configuration tool, hosted on the remote itself, so all you’ll need is a web browser to configure the remote with more convenience than a small touchscreen :slight_smile:

Here’s a screen from the design of the web configurator:

Our goal is to make the configuration as easy as just dragging and dropping.


I still mainly use NEEO because of the IR, but tinker a bit with YIO version 1. I have a PS4, using OpenHAB and some older stuff still using IR.

  • OpenHAB is pretty important for me.
  • Need IR for the older hardware
  • Also a neat feature would be support for HDMI-CEC to control devices like PS4. NEEO have that one integrated in the dock itself.

Looking forward to version 2 :slight_smile:

Just come to think of a nice feature if implementing HDMI port on the dock. Technically one could use HDMI together with a web UI to configure the remote directly from your TV :yum: Would improve usability a great deal, compared to… well, every other remote :slightly_smiling_face:

A: Please plan for powering off projectors which require two presses of the OFF button. Every time I have to change a recipe in my Harmony Elite remote, I have to contact them to work there voodoo in my account to get it to actually turn off the projector instead of leaving it running with the message “ARE YOU SURE: PRESS OFF AGAIN TO TURN OFF” on the screen.

Can’t remember, but I’m also pretty sure NEEO had problems with this.

B: Would also like to see multiple functionality possible on the hard buttons. Example: when I press PLAY, it starts the selected device playing, but also turns off the lighting in the room. When I press PAUSE or STOP, the lighting comes back up.

C: Plex integration

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I’m sure it has been mentioned, but strong DVR support. FF/REW is great, but the 30sec skip forward and Skip back is used all the time in our house. I’m using a pretty complex URC system now with a MSC-400 processor as the “heart” of the system. The remote sends a trigger that causes the macros to execute on the MSC. I have a couple of IR only devices, but most of them are IP ready. Looking forward to see what your new remote will do. Count me in!!

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Scenes for different activities similar to Harmony. One great addition would be to include rooms like URC does. Being able to turn off one room is my biggest issue with Harmony remotes. I second IR learning and a web based software to interact with in complex home integrations.

First of all, I am happy that a new product is being created that can replace the retired Logitech Remote. My suggestions:

More buttons (with a better look)! Maybe in Remote Three. :slight_smile:
The touch screen is good for a smart home but physical buttons are better for blind operating A/V equipment.
Each additional programmable button is worth its weight in gold.

Full support for Apple TV over IP with “what’s playing now”.

Maybe an iOS and Android app with the same settings and UI as the remote.

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This looks so promising ! I love that it’s an open API !

I’d love to see Kodi Wi-Fi control support out-of-the-box !

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Would prefer an IR emitter in the remote as well as the base. There is just too much out there that still requires IR control. Also, it makes it easier to use one remote in a number of rooms.