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Wishlist for Remote Two

Roon album art with play pause skip tracks while the physical buttons are custom mapped to a physical pre amp for volume control (not digital in roon).


Hello, I am really happy to hear that there will be a version 2, not having been able to participate in the first fundraiser on Kickstarter. Currently the owner of a Neeo remote control, I was very disappointed with the broken promises. Jeedom is my home automation system can we expect integration in version 2? See you soon on Kickstarter! :wink:

Agree with this, currently also using the harmony elite and it looks like that already has more physical buttons.
Especially in things like KODI I often need to map additional buttons for things like: Download subtitle, next audio track, next subtitle track, etc.

The elite has 32 buttons and many can also be used in long press almost doubling the amount of buttons

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As an Office/Home automation integrator and Yio Remote owner, my vote goes to OpenHAB support.

OpenHAB helps greatly integrating every platform and device into single hub. The ability to use the remote as an end-point would be a huge plus.

Best of luck,


Congrats guys for this awesome project !

Will there be custom icons on the interface (I’m sure it will) ?

First of all, I am happy that a new product is being created that can replace my Logitech Elite.
One question:
Will it be possible to control devices via bluetooth, such as the Vogels Next 7355 electric tv mount?


@Romainhc yes, we plan on adding support for custom icons :slight_smile:

@Sentinel Bluetooth control is possible. We got questions if various devices are supported or not. We’ll start writing integrations for the most popular devices/services. And as we go along you’ll be able to request support for a device and we’ll tackle the ones that has the most votes. We cannot guarantee that we can support everything, but we’ll do our best. Next to this, we’ll have an open API, so the community can also pitch in with add-ons!

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@marton have you heard of an application called Roomie Remote (nee Simple Control)?
If not its basically a universal remote for Apple devices which is quite good and has a large following.

Reason I ask is that the only downside to Roomie Remote is it doesn’t have a physical remote option. I see on their forums many people have asked for a physical option but the creator wasn’t interested until they recently added support for Logitech Harmony remotes where it grabs your configuration from the Roomie Remote app and brings it into the harmony remote tying them in sync together.

I think if you were able to make an integration with this you could attract a lot of customers for the upcoming kickstarter and beyond.

Apart from that integrations with Plex & Fibaro would be great.

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I know about Roomie Remote, but as far as I know they don’t have an open API, which makes it quite hard to integrate it :frowning_face:

Plex and Fibaro Home centre is however on our list :slight_smile:

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  • I have a Sony Android TV and also the new chromecast with remote. Would be nice to control all of them with an YIO-Remote.
  • Have a Favorit-View for TV-Chanels with pictures like the Neeo-Remote
  • To switch between TV-Apps like Netflix, Sky, Disney+, Zattoo, etc.
  • Support for Denon Heos (via Homey would be OK too :slight_smile: )
  • See the videostream from a securitycam (Ring Doorbell, Netatmo Welcome, Netgear Arlo)
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Retrieve data from Apple TV / Apple Music (HomePod)

As mentioned in my current post of my blog, would really love to see information on what’s currently playing on Apple TV / Apple Music to be displayed on Remote Two.

So mainly this can be done with atvscript out of pyatv

Would also be great to get corresponding artworks to be shown which can be done via atvremote

See my project of retrieving data from Apple TV in my post as inspiration.


This is my first post here, interested in a good solid remote.
I wanted to buy the Neeo a couple of years back, glad I didn’t.
This looks promising but what I would like it to be is more like the Neeo.
Include all the next protocols
RF control
The last is less important, could be useful though.

I know there are other ways to do this, like buying a homey and use the Yio to control
all devices.
I am not a favourite of home assistant, to geeky and not plug and play, at least it seems a lot more complicated than the Homey.
I am aware that HAS is a lot cheaper, that’s the reason most won’t get into it, just not for ones to tinker a lot.

So, hopefully this Yio remote will advance to a more versatile device.
I will stick around to see what I like, hopefully not too expensive.

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Hard button for Guide. Or can one of the directional buttons be reused for this? E.g. long press the down button, or would one of the colored corner buttons be used for this purpose?
Unofficial HomeKit integration to expose actions/recipes/macros as switches and ability to trigger HomeKit scenes (YIO can create programmable buttons in HomeKit to trigger scenes or any device really; have this working with NEEO but out of the box would be great!).


Up Vote on Android app. I find myself using the Harmony app on my phone more often than I expected when I first purchased the Elite.

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Not sure if the home assistant integration is already planned to do this, but I have:

SkyQ - Satellite
Denon - AV Receiver
Philips - TV

All linked into some remote control screens in Home Assistant.
SkyQ controlled mainly through media_player platform.
Then volume through the denon.

I’m hoping this will be trivial to setup in a similar way with the integration you have planned.

Hard buttons would obviously replace some of the buttons shown, but currently I do it as shown below.

Remote Control for Lounge AV equipment (SkyQ, Denon AV, Philips TV including Ambilight + Hue)

Does the remote detect that it is held in hand (e.g. to prevent screen disabling)?

There’s an accelerometer inside, so it can detect movement and will prevent the screen from turning off. We didn’t have this enabled in the live stream.


Regarding to that:
I have an simple software feature:
You told in the livestream of the possibility to change the rooms. It would be nice if you use the BL-Chip in the dock to check the signal strength to automatically jump in the right room. You need just check the signal strength of the Mac adress of the remote and send a package to the remote to open that specific room. This is really accurate because the bl-Signal is very strong in the room there you’re but if you left it the strength goes really fast to zero…

With three docks you could even trim the exact position :thinking:

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You mean a feature like we have working in v1 Firmware as well? :wink:

There we have the abilitiy to do that, so yeah, i do think this will become. We also have mentioned in the Kickstarter Page: