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Would you buy the kit for the Yio remote?

Hi guys,

I am trying to figure out the quantities, I would need to order in the future, so I thought I would create a poll to check up on preliminary demand for the kit.

The kit would include all parts needed to assemble the remote, excluding the Raspberry Pi Zero W itself and the battery. Ordering would work on a pre-order/pre-paid basis and orders would be delivered approximately 1-2 months after payment. I need to do it this way to be able to raise the funds needed to place the orders for the parts.

Don’t take this as the final price, but I am aiming to have the kit price under and around $300.

Knowing the above, would you buy the remote as a kit when it’s available?

  • Yes, count me in for pre-orders EU
  • Yes, count me in for pre-orders Non-EU

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If you have any experience or ideas, please share below.



HI Marton,

It would be nice to have an idea about final cost.
Could you please provide some kind of forecast?

Regards, Yury.


Right, I’ve added an approximate price in the post. Please note that this is not a final price, just something I could roughly calculate based on quotes I’ve already gotten.

Can we vote twice if I want two kits or does it matter at the moment ?

Not sure it’s possible to vote twice. But this is just an approximate poll to see demand.

Sorry, accidentally hit the EU pre-order button, meant non-EU (USA)

No problem :slight_smile: This poll is to see the demand. EU/non-EU is just for extra info, when I look into shipping.

I’ll pay the money, add you to my will, and give up my first-born.


I would buy it, but why wouldn’t you include the battery? Any idea how much it would be?

It’s hard to source a reliable battery and there are batteries out there that are already reliable and available. Why not use them?

Also shipping of batteries is complicated due to some regulations. While the battery I am using(Adafruit 2500mAh) is available everywhere.

Good to know, thanks!

I estimate with the added cost of the battery, Pi Zero, taxes, and shipping the remote would be closer to $400 ca. My only hesitation at this point is the integrations it supports.

As an openHAB2 user, I would have to wait for someone to develop it, learn to create it myself, or switch to an alternative. I may delay ordering a kit until I see the response from the community of developers, and how it will then meet my home automation needs.

I am an active DIYer, but would have little time and expertise to lend to this, at least for the foreseeable future.


I understand. However the $300 is just a very ballpark pricing. I don’t know how it will look at the end yet. But taxes and shipping will be on top of the kit price.

I am working on the Home Assistant integration as that is the system I use. I hope people will jump on board with development for other platforms as well.

I hope so too. I do not find the cost unreasonable personally, I just need to make sure I get the value back through its use and functionality. Perhaps I will start Gauging the interest of developers on the NEEO and openHAB community forums.


NEEO was €339, I don’t think money is the deal here. Is the remote usable and does it keep being that, is it easy to use/program. could somebody like me (no programming skills) work with this.
or will this be a remote that only a few people will understand only if you have the skill to tinker with it.

@TMToronto Thank you! Spread the news, and let’s hope some developer for those platform jump on board as well!

@LutraVulgaris My goal is to create a remote that is easy to configure. There were some setup flow test already with step by step guide to set it up. I’d like to keep it that way. And offer a web interface for more complex setup, so you don’t have to do it all on a small touchscreen.

Web interface sounds good, should be a lot easier to configuer that way.

Would you consider creating a general use image and selling a microSD for the R Pi Zero as an option for the kit?

There will be an image available to download for the remote.

Do you mean an image for not specific hardware?