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Would you buy the kit for the Yio remote?

I was just wondering what image will be available. Some vendors for Rasp Pi sell microSD cards that are ready to use with a loaded OS and useful added software. I thought some of your buyers might appreciate such an option - paying for the convenience of course. I am still learning about these things, so my question may be completely off base.

There will be an image with the custom OS and remote app ready to be burnt to and SD card and used.

I think SD cards are so widely available and I suppose most of the buyers have already a couple at home.

If there is really a need for it, I’ll look into that.

I agree. I also think that anyone looking to buy your remote as a solution for their HA control etc will have more than a little experience and tenacity when it comes to tech and getting things to work.

My original thinking was more to make it as easy as possible for people to set up your remote, in hopes that that would attract the interest and sales from a larger perhaps less experienced DIY crowd.


I think I only get interested in the sub $200 range. :frowning: sorry!

It’s just too much to risk being dropped. Etc.

I think you should think about what can be cut and streamlined- and then Kickstarter a complete project. A) it would get more people interested increasing volume and lowering cost.

Feature creep kills so many products. China is successful as a manufacturing hub because of their ability to strip things down to the barest minimum (which may or may not pose a fire risk or be toxic- lol). The American/EU version comes out for $800- then the Chinese version lacking a few features comes out at $200 and sells in the thousands.

No worries.
Being dropped is a risk with every device :slight_smile:

I am constantly thinking about how I can make the remote cheaper, but after all these months I see the only way is to have more interest and end up in the 1000 unit quantity range. That would push the price down.

At this point, no more features are added to the remote. Only working on making sure everything is working as it should. I am getting everything produced in China, otherwise it would be even more expensive.

All in all, this is - at this stage - still a DIY project for the ones who are interested in it. I am working on it in my free time, spending my own money to create a kit for those who would like to build one.

Could be nice to have a ready-made assembled product, but that is not going to happen at this stage. Maybe in the coming years.

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Hi Marton,

You my friend have created something awesome!
How much do you need to build one for me?
More than happy to wire you the money and be a tester.


I am interested with a kit.

Could assemble myself.

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fyi - I’m an idiot and hit the wrong button. Could you switch my vote to non-eu? Thanks

No problem. It’s for just to get an approximate number.

Haa, found something really nice.
Voted. Count me in, I’m really interested.

I’ll look around if there is something I can contribute.

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@bambi125 welcome to the community, iv you don’t find anything, let me know what your skills are, i’m sure there is something you can do :wink:

@Carp3-noctem: Thanks.

I’m still looking around. I’m newbie in HA area so my experience is quite low but hopefully it’ll get better.
I’m software/developer guy so at the moment I cloned git repo and will check what the hell Qt is :slight_smile:

I am a neeo user, just heard of this great project, definitely get one or two kit. Need any special skill to finish the kit?

@donsuper Soldering is helpful to get it together. There will be a Video and a Assembly Guide, that will definitly help to assamble it.

I am not sure if I already stated my interest but please count me in for EU.
And by the way, any launch date yet?

@madf78 we are working on the launch date, there are still some minor requirements before @marton will give the date. you will be informed via this forum and via our social media platforms if he has choosen one date.
if you like to follow us, you may see this blog post for all links:

As I understand this kit comes without raspberry pi zero and battery. Do you at least provide the size and capacity of the battery and connector so one can buy the correct one?

I am also interested in two or even three of this kits. Great work and would love to contribute to it.

@mutosan of course we will provide all needed information regarding additional stuff. @marton is currently checking how and what he will provide. We will make sure to announce the date here and on social media platforms!

Thanks for your interest.

Getting closer. Here is a preview of what will come in the kit: