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WTB kit or assembled

Hey, looking to buy a kit or assembled Yio.

Hi Croy9000,
I might be able to help you. I have an assembled YiO (assembled by the creator) that I have never used it.
I got it to use with Roon, but Roon has never been properly implemented so the remote is taking dust since.
Let me try to charge it and turn it on.
If it is still working I am sure we can find an arrangement.
Best regards

The remote is still working and I just updated it to the latest stable release V0.7.0
Let me know

I was going to PM you, but don’t see the options to anywhere. I am interested.

EDIT: Ah looks like I havent earned the badge yet. I assume you can PM me though.

I just sent you a PM.
We can if you which continue the discussion their