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Yamaha MusicCast support

I would appreciate support for Yamaha MusicCast.
Would be great to use my Yamaha audio system (wireless speaker) beyond options like bluetooth or airplay. Information I’ve found: Yamaha MusicCast HTTP simplified API for Control Systems

Wow, you have a lot of feature requests. MusicCast would be possible, I already have a MusicCast implementation for another platform. Let’s wait how many votes we will get for the MusicCast support.

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Hi @ChristianRiedl, It’s a long list indeed, but I think they would all be populair additions for the remote’s use case :wink: Great to read that you already have knowledge in regards to the MusicCast platform. Sadly I’m no programmer/developer, but seeing what you’ve done for the ROON integration. I have good hope that you can really push the remote’s abilities. Especially on the music/audio part :wink: Thank you!