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YIO for sale fully assembled

I want to disconnect from my YIO remote control. It is fully assembled and works. Please send offers by PN plus shipping from Germany.

I am interested. How much do you want for it? I live in Texas 75218 Why are you wanting to disconnect from YIO remote?

Just try to gather the details

I work with the Dutch smart home system “Homey”. Homey is connected to Home Assistant, the Harmony Hub, the Switchbot Hub and Conbee 2. In combination, this system is so powerful that I can use almost every Zigbee, Zwave and infrared remote control for a wide variety of scenarios. For example, I control all of my entertainment electronics with a Xiaomi Aquara Cube. The YIO remote control is very good, but not suitable for my tasks. At the time I paid € 300 for the remote control, I would be satisfied with an offer of € 250 plus shipping. I don’t include the work of assembling the Raspberry and the battery.

That is neat. So you run all those systems together? Is Homey, Home Assistant and Switchbot Hub not all the same as home automation system?

So the remote would not come with a Raspberry PI zero and the Battery? It looks like the total cost for remote plus shipping will be about $350 USD

Yes, I operate the systems together and use the strengths of the individual systems. Homey is the brain and gets support from the other systems.
The YIO kit did not come with a Raspi or battery. Both had to be bought separately. This fact was communicated before the delivery. The remote control and the dock had to be soldered and assembled by yourself. With shipping, you can be right about the cost. I would have to inquire about the exact cost of shipping to the US.

Hello Untertaker,

I am also interested. I am from Switzerland and have a German delivery address. what would the price be with delivery ?

Best Regards

An SD card is of course also included.
At the German address I offer you a price of € 256.- including shipping.

I will take it. Are you able to take payment via paypal ?

I sent you a PM. We shouldn’t make our personal data public here.

Should the YIO be sold, I’ll share it here immediately.

The interests have not come forward. The YIO is still for sale.


I’m interested in buying the remote, it still available.
I’m from Belgium, near the border van the Netherlands.

The remote control is still available. I am also happy to send to Belgium.

I am also interested. I would like to send you a pm, but I can not find your contact info.

only thing that is not clear for me: is the rPi and battery also included?

The remote control is fully assembled and everything is included. Including dock, battery, Raspi and SD card. Nothing more needs to be bought or installed. There’s even the foil on the dock. I even send a power supply with me if someone can use the German plug. If you are interested, please send an email to: undertaker@selzilla.de.

I’ve send you an e-mail :slight_smile:

The remote is sold. Greetings to Belgium.
Please close the thread.