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YIO for sale, fully assembled

I want to get rid of my YIO-remote too. It was perfectly assembled by Marton himself and includes sd card, display and battery. The price will be 265 € too, including shipping costs. If you are interested, contact me via ric@rts.co.at.

Are you longer going to be working on the roon integration?

@Paul. Sorry I will not. But if required I publish my last private version on my github.

Unfortunately, the “YIO team” has incompatible views on how to organize a small “fun project” and how to get ahead. I’ve been passionate about the software business for 40 years and don’t have the patience to tinker with such a small project for years. Until it is roughly function-complete, there will be better alternatives.

There must be good reasons to favor the YIO remote to the ROON smartphone apps. Too many things are still missing since many months that I don’t have under control of my ROON intergration (use of hardware buttons, generic browsing UI). I resign.

I threw in the towel about a month after receiving mine once I realised it wasn’t what I wanted. It’s a shame, could of been great.

I’m interested! Is it still available?

I wanted to inform you that my YIO-Remote is sold. It wasn’t an easy decision after investing hundreds of hours in development.
But when I see that the project has degenerated into a one man show, I am quite happy about it.
That was my last post, the thread can be closed.

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