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YIO full Kit to Sell


I have a kit to sell.
I havet complete inkcluding battery and pi 4 zero
I am willing to sell it for 300.- excl. Shipping
Based in switzerland.



Hi Daniel,
Is the kit still for sale?

PM me please


you got a PM with my phone number
please contact me via WhatsApp

I have a kit to sell too. The kit is with battery, raspberry pi, sd card, the newest yio-remote software and the newest firmware on the dock pre installed, full assembled and working. The only thing you need to get it working is a power adaptor for the dock.

Price 300.- , shipping only in switzerland, shipping costs 7.-


@fabiot Why are you selling??

@milo Just time - I don’t have the time to use, program and adjust the remote for my devices. I don’t use it anymore so i thought it’s time to sell it.
I still think it’s an amazing product, but first the development needs to be finished. I’ll wait for a product, that works out of the box for me.

Already sold? Or still avalible?

@Branco still available

is it possible to ship to Poland ??

Sorry for my late answer. Yes should be possible. Shipment for poland would be 37 CHF. Someone else is interessted, so first come first serve.

Are you able to ship to the UK?

Yes - ship to UK costs 34 CHF

Hi, is this still available? I’d be interested - shipping to California, 94608.

Hi, it’s already sold.