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Have been thinking about this and mentioned it on the chat recently, that I would do a couple of livestreams where I show off the remote, software features, talk about plans and answer any questions that you might have.
Made a doodle to try to figure out the best time/date that fits most people. Cast your vote here:



Signed up for a few dates. My wife is calculated to give birth tomorrow to our 3rd child :slight_smile:
So first few days of march is a little tricky to me :slight_smile:


So we have a date for the livestream. According to the Doodle, most of you are available on the 11th of March @ 20.00 CET (GMT+1). So that’s it. We’ll livestream via YouTube.

See you then!

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Hi, I missed the live stream and when I click on the reply it says it was removed by the user.

Am I not able to watch it anymore?


That was just a test to make sure everything is working. The livestream is going to be next Wednesday at 20.00 CET.

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Arh OK sorry my mistake.

Just a reminder with a link that the live stream is on Wednesday at 20.00 CET. :slight_smile:
I’ll do a walkaround of the remote and show the current software features, as well as answer questions you might have.

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Hope the livestream went well. Did anybody get a recording of it to play back?

It’s available on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kanrbJKoQ-M