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First of all, what a GREAT project!! Glad that i found it.

Just done building my new house, and i planned to use Home Assistant to control all IoT like lights, blinds, windows, tv, music, home appliances etc.

Right now i need a switch plate, actually 20 pcs. I found this: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/ha-switchplate-diy-lcd-touchscreen-wall-switch-replacement/25464 but really don’t like the UI and hardware feel. Then i came across this Yio Remote project with amazing hardware, software and UI nonetheless.

So my question, did anyone considering using this setup in a switchplate project? :slight_smile:

Actually my plan was to use a KNX Multi Touch Pro. But after i saw this Yio project, the Multi Touch just seems old fashion… and expensive…

I’ve made up one of those DIY switch plates and tbh if you’re willing to get your hands dirty they can be quite customisable (probably worth spending the time if you’re going to replicate it for 20+ items). The current implementation is a mess of automations that are designed to make it easy for anyone to customise the project, a lot can be moved into the firmware of the panel (i.e. colours, text, layout, etc.) or into the firmware for the D1 that controls it (i.e. button actions) to make it much tidier. The Nextion studio software is free and easy to use and with this you can change the layout of the panel to whatever you want. You can import images and your own custom fonts (albeit basic ones - that was the first thing I did, not sure what is up with that font choice lol). The end result is not perfect (but someone with some GUI design skills could do something pretty neat I think) but you also have to bare in mind it costs 25 - 30 USD per panel and you can add additional sensors like PIR and temp very easily.

Having said all that, perhaps the hardware, firmware bundle on this project could be hacked to do something similar but I’d imagine it won’t be (as) cheap and tbh if you have even basic programming skills you might be better just building something yourself. For me the USP for this remote is the packaging of the product

Look at what zhenm is doing. I think this is what you are after.

Zhenm is doing some amazing stuff! Really glad he’s on the team!