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YIO2 capable of sending commands to a Win10 on a PC?

I’m new here and like to know, if a YIO2 will be capable of sending commands to a Win10 on a PC?
The Harmony Hub was able to to this in my configuration, including wake up and sleep commands (at least it should).
This shall start or end the radio-/TV-/Player-programs and some supporting batches running under Win10pro.
Thank you!
Regards, tiki

There is a comment from Jan 12, which points to the same issue in principle: controlling a HTPC.

If you were sending IR commands to the PC via the Harmony Hub, no reason why not. Worst case, you should be able to learn all the commands from the Harmony using the tools they are going to give us.

If I understand correctly, Yio2 is capable of tcp connections.
So sending commands to a pc should be quite easy to do if you install a software that combines a webserver with the possibility for creating actions based on tcp inputs.
I currently use EventGhost to receive TCP commands (sent from my home automation server which has its own app on android/apple) and translate those events to keypresses or other actions. I believe NodeRED would allow a similar functionality. And some applications have their own tcp control possibility (mediaplayerhc, …) so it should be possible to do that directly.